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Like the oranges that color its expanses, Hardee County, Florida is a sun drench

Life in Hardee County means wide-open economic opportunities, communities eager to support new industry and growth, a ready labor force, an appealing tax climate, and a thriving urge to maintain our history of success. The Mission of the Hardee County Chamber of Commerce is to foster the development and growth of the business community of the County. As the Chamber works to improve the community's economy and quality of life, we keep these broad objectives in mind. -To help business prosper and grow -To increase job opportunities -To encourage an orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community. -To encourage and promote the nation's private enterprise system of competitive marketing. We also strive to unite community interests and combine the efforts of real estate, industrial, retails, wholesale, tourist, financial, transportation, professional and service businesses and all civic and governmental organizations in the community to promote the resources Hardee County has to offer. The Hardee County Chamber of Commerce wants our future to be as prosperous as our past. To that end, we're taking steps every day to assure planned and positive growth. We believe Hardee County offers a lifestyle unparalleled by any other area. But don't take our work for it: Come see for yourself that we're one of a kind!

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