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Estherville: The Elements of a Good Life.

Estherville is the county seat of Emmet County, located in northern Iowa within the Des Moines River Valley and the Iowa Great Lakes Area. Highways 4 and 9 intersect in Estherville, with Interstate 90 just 20 minutes north. Estherville boasts scenic landscapes and natural wonders in our state parks and many wildlife areas and lakes. Whether you are interested in history, nature, athletics, recreation, shopping or dining, we are confident that you will find just what you are looking for! We have great events year round, including Sweet Corn Days in August, the annual 4th of July Flight Breakfast and our Christmas Parade of Lights and Chocolate Walk! Fun facts about Estherville: The term "blizzard" was first used in print in the Estherville Northern Vindicator on 23 April 1870. Four hundred fifty-five pounds of meteorite fell just north of Estherville on May 10, 1879. It is one of only six observed falls. There are pieces on display at the Estherville Public Library and a large piece will be the centerpiece in the soon to open Meteorite Center!

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