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Check out the Community Calendar for what's happening this month! Ribbon Cuttings and Mixers are all posted! In fact, don't forget to join us Wednesday January 11 at Firelight Barn in Henderson as we welcome them to the Chamber! There will be some special entertainment so you won't want to miss it!  Here is the link to our Chamber member businesses so if you're looking for a service or simply want to shop local!

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Warm welcome to our newest member! Be on the lookout for a ribbon cutting soon!

Rebel Wallace
Join Date: 12/15/2016

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Local Family wins ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight
Surely by now you have heard the news that Dale Ryan and Dyanah Musgrave took home the Golden Trophy on ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight. More famously known as the House on 5th, the couple along with Dale's dad, lit up the town with their amazing light display.

It all started back in the early part of 2016, the producers of ABCs show contacted Jill Lagan at the Chamber and inquired about some of the amazing homes with light displays for the holidays. The Chamber provided various addresses and pictures of homes in the area and of course we know the rest is history!

Many have asked us "What exactly does the Chamber do?" This is just one of the many connections we build. Usually the first thing producers and directors do is reach out to the local Chamber of Commerce for information on their town. It is because of these connections, the Chamber is able to showcase all of the small town charm that Boulder City has to offer. 

Not only did the House on 5th take home the trophy, but many of our small businesses benefited from the increase of visitors after their win. The Boulder City Review interviewed Ryan and Musgrave about their increased traffic. "....we used to get 300 people visiting but ever since the show we have had nights with over 2,000 people," Musgrave said. This has definitely been a win win for everyone in Boulder City! Congratulations again to the House on 5th! We are very proud!  

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Special Edition: What Your Chamber Does for You
A chamber of commerce is an organization, whose primary function is to form a network for business and like minded individuals to help further trade and commerce in a certain area. Businesses owners join a chamber to help advocate for them on various interests related to the community, local economy and other business interests. Chambers of Commerce act as a business advocate in all matters related to tourism, economic development, policy advocacy, among many others. While the Chambers do not take any political stance, executives are tasked with ensuring that the business community voices are heard across all mediums.

Our City is small and quaint, providing the feel of "A World Away" that promotes tourism at its finest. The Boulder City Chamber of commerce has a passion for intelligent economic development that is shown in various pathways to our success as a tourism community. You may not know all that the Chamber does each day, but we are active on numerous fronts. Most recently, the Chamber is taking an active role in helping to shape what our town will be after the completion of Interstate 11. We are striving to entice visitors to stop, visit our members, enjoy and return.

The Chamber is fortunate to lead the way in the renaming of Nevada Highway to Boulder City Parkway. This is an active effort to stimulate traffic exiting the I-11 at the Railroad Pass exit, at the new interchange, as well as at the lower exit near the Hoover Dam Lodge. Our businesses affected by the new traffic flow need all of the added support we can provide. This newly named parkway will be properly signed coming into Boulder City, and is just one of the many efforts the Chamber has in the works.

Additionally, the Chamber has played a large part in what the interchange just above the dry lake bed, crossing US 95 will look like. The ultimate goal is to drive tourists to visit our City, without cannibalizing our current business districts. Many ideas were generated at the meeting with GC Garcia, the primary planner on the interchange property. We are excited to see what the City and GC Garcia produce. Of course, we cannot do this without you, your input and your unique perspective. We, together, will shape Boulder City's future.

While I-11 will bring many changes to our city, we are optimistic about the opportunities it provides. Many of the activities that the Chamber engages in, drive thoughtful economic development. Exciting plans are in the works! We will be sharing them with you here in the Chamber Happenings. Our main mission is to ensure that as little negative impact as possible is felt in our Historic District as well as along the Parkway. It takes all of you as well! We need your voices, your opinions and your thoughts. Your unique perspective will help shape how Boulder City looks next year and beyond!

These are just a couple of the many things we are working on and currently the most impactful. We are also working on reaching out to all of our businesses to ensure they know how their Chamber investment benefits them and how to put into play those benefits to provide members with the tools they need to help themselves in building a stronger economy on their own balance sheets. There have been a few positive upgrades to our investment levels, however wee are finding that many of the businesses we visit with, still are unaware of some of the great things they get as part of the Chamber. If you haven't been contacted, please give us a call so we can schedule some time to come and visit regarding your investment. We want to make sure you are finding value in your membership and return on your investment.

Thank you for being a part of the team that will keep Boulder City thriving and economically strong for a bright future!

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