August 25, 2011
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Chamber's Shred Day

Have you been saving those old files and junk mail since the Credit Union's shredding event and now you're having to use those boxes of recycling for end tables and extra seating? 

Well we have the answer for you!  The Chamber's Shred Day is October 19th from 9am to 1pm in the Albertson's lower parking lot.

There will be 2 trucks this year, due to the popularity of this FREE event.  It is being made possible by American Shredding and Albertsons.  Two great community partners!

So What are QR Codes?

With the release and fabulous response to the Boulder City Deals cards, many have been asking about the QR Code that is displayed on each side of the card.  It really isn't that mysterious.  It is simply a new marketing tool that can quickly get you to a website online.  QR is short for "quick response".  If you have a camera-enabled smartphone, you can scan a QR code to link straight to a video or website without having to type in its web address.  Here's how:

1.  Search for QR code apps in the app store of your smartphone.  Free apps are available for most smartphones.

2.  Install your selected app to your smartphone.

3.  Open the app, and then scan the QR code.  Once the QR code registers, the link will appear on your smartphone.

This is an emerging technology and may not work on all smart phones.  But try it out on your Boulder City Deals card and watch it jump you right to the Boulder City Social Deals and on the other side, the Boulder City Chamber Deals.  It's fun once you know how!

Marketing Ideas to Check-Out

While doing some research online, I have come across a couple of marketing ideas that may be of interest to you.  We are not endorsing either programs, just simply passing along some interesting information.

On the website, restaurants have the opportunity to register to be a participating supporter of the Share our Strength's fight against childhood hunger in America.  The campaign encourages us to eat out during the week of September 18th - 24th.  The restaurant owners can then donate a portion of their proceeds. 

Allow the money would be going to a national organization, it would provide some viral advertising to the member on the national campaign's website.  You're business is mapped and highlighted as a participating restaurant with a minimun donation of $100.

Another opportunity might be to become a member of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association.  If you are a Veteran friendly company, you may want to be included with this organization's website registry.  The Chamber recently registered to be a part of the NVOBA.  If you'd like to check into this, go to and begin networking with the veteran business community.  

YOUR Chamber of Commerce

Jill Rowland-Lagan

I've been on this earth 41 years now and the last 10 of those with the Chamber.   I've learned many lessons from some very amazing and phenonmenal people.  I've been taught by wise men and women and watched examples of worthy mentors.  I've even learned "the hard way" though much "trial and terror" as I'd like to call it.  Parables, or stories that I can relate to, have been a major influence daily.  Recently, one of those inspiring parables, the principle of forgiveness, needed to be applied in my life.  

I appreciate the rights we have for spirited, open dialogue here in Boulder City.  However, sometimes the comments made in the media can lead us to jump to anger and/or be hurt at the hands of others who may not have all the correct information.  This leads me to remember the parable and realize that sometimes I too need forgiveness and mercy for my own actions.  I can't expect to receive it, if I don't give it.   

I feel it's important that you have all the information regarding your Chamber.

The Boulder City Chamber was created in 1932.  It is one of the oldest business membership organizations in Boulder City.  Our Bylaws were established then and have been amended as needed to reflect our changing world and times.  One of the original guidelines states:  Article IV-Membership, Section 1:  The Chamber shall be composed of business, associate, supporting and honorary members.  Section 1, A:  Business Member:  Any person, association, firm, partnership, estate or corporation, licensed to do business, and any non-profit, service, or fraternal organization in sympathy with the object of this organization as stated in Article II, shall be eligible to apply for Business Membership. 

For my 10 years, the Chamber has been fortunate to welcome members from Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Overton, Mesquite, Laughlin, Searchlight, Dolan Springs, many Northern Nevada communities.  Our membership reaches as far as Virginia.  Per the laws that govern our organization, the Boulder City Chamber welcomes businesses within and outside of our City limits.  

These companies may not have a physical presence in Boulder City, but join for various reasons.  They may provide services. (repairmen or technicians)  They may be a supplier of items or services that we do not have in Boulder City. (car dealer)  They may be a utilility provider. (cable or phone service)  I am grateful not only to each of them for their loyalty to the Chamber and its mission; but, also because they are giving to our community.  Their membership dues or corporate partnership dollars directly impact each of you by providing much needed revenue that allows the Chamber the ability to complete its goals each year.

Your Chamber leadership represents you successfully in activities in and around the City, County, State and Washington DC.  It is important we reach out to our neighbors and show Boulder City's support of their organizations and businesess.  Building this network of leaders in the Chamber with surrounding communities and municipalities, promotes relationships that have powerful positive consequences.  This positive action equals a positive return on the investment we have committed to our members. It is a great honor to stand proudly and represent Boulder City on so many levels.

In a time of a "rocking and rolling" economy, it is important to remember that you can count on the Chamber to value your investment.  You have never needed the Chamber more than you do right now...The Chamber has never needed you more than we do right now.  This is a partnership that we want to fully maximize.   We help to make your business thrive, to make you a success.

When a business does have to close its doors, it's painful personally, as well as to the community.  There are always reasons that should not be discussed in a public format.  I wish I could swoop in and be a magic fairy with all the answers and capital to make it all "better".  But reality sets in; lessons are learned; and it is our hope that another great addition to our city will be able to move in and join our business community.

The Chamber is striving to assist your success in several ways.  The Ambassador program that was established several years ago, can be a true asset to you and future business owners.  We have grown by over 60% in the last 10 years.  While it becomes more difficult to meet one on one with each of our members, the Ambassadors are going to make that happen.  Their goal is to show you how valuable your membership, thoughts and suggestions are to the success of the Chamber and the City.  This is YOUR Chamber and we need to visit with you to see how you want to improve your organization.  

The new group insurance program will be launched September 1, as well as the new FREE Boulder City App on IPhones and Android Smartphones.  The Chamber Board is introducing several new events while improving others, all to keep us efficient and effective in bringing customers in your doors.

The establishment and January launch of the Economic Vitality Commission will play a very strong role in bringing new businesses to Boulder City while giving us a voice on the State's Regional Economic Development Association.  We will be represented as part of Governor Sandoval's new catalyst fund.

The Chamber works hard each and every day for you.  We follow all Bylaws and Policies and Procedures set forth to govern our non-profit organization.  We are searching diligently for new and effective marketing and business promotion programs.  We are being proactive in assisting business owners with ways to stay ahead of the curve with benefits such as group insurance.  We are looking out for your best interest and your collective voice of business.

It is my hope that we continue to show the value of your membership with the Boulder City Chamber, and will do so by following the guidelines set forth by the founding board members.  The leadership of the Chamber will continue to represent you honorably in this, here in Boulder City and other neighboring communities.  

We may not always agree, but we can show civility toward each other.  We can try to understand and do better at reaching for our business goals.  We can minimize our negativity and maximize our opportunity.   We will be a stronger association in the end.


Review Journal's Special Offer to BC Chamber Members Only

 The Review Journal recently committed its support to the Boulder City community by becoming a major corporate partner with the Chamber.  One of the benefits they want to offer you, it's neighbor, is a free subscription to the Business Press.

Check out this offer at link below:

Still a Few Seats on the Tuachan Bus

Tuachan is a great way to invite a little culture into your life and touring with Drifter Sister on the Chamber Fun Bus is the perfect way to get there!

Call the Chamber today and register!!

Be Whisked Away to the Italian Lakes and Greek Isles

Join the Chamber on a fundraising event to Italy and Greece next September.  All the information can be found on the link below.  What a special time this could be for you and a special someone!

Member Announcements and Press Releases

 See Spot Run Fundraising Flagstones

This is an ideal project for adding to the great look of the dog park and supporting their efforts all in one.

Chefs Wine & Spirits Too

Prepare for a fun and food-filled evening on September 8th, from 5:30 to 9:30 pm, at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, for the 6th annual Roseman University Chefs Wine & Spirits Too event.  The coordinating Chef for the event is the Mandarin Oriental’s Executive Chef, Shawn Armstrong, who will be presenting the delicious entrée course along with Chef Donald Chalco. The hors d’ouevres will be presented by Anthem Country Club’s Executive Chef, Matt Veit.   The soup course will be presented by Head Chef Amy Nasuwan of Satay Thai Bistro & Bar. The salad course will be presented by Republic Kitchen’s Executive Chef Robert Eidukot.   The 2nd entrée course will be presented by Mastro’s Ocean Club’s Executive Chef Wayne Schumaker.   Dessert will be presented by the Mandarin Oriental’s Executive Pastry Chef Gianni Santin.  All wines will be provided by Wirtz Beverage Company and the pairings will be done by Master Sommelier John Smith.

The event is being sponsored by Leo A. Daly Architects.  There will also be an over-the-top floral competition, themed “On the Wings of Summer”, with Judy Griffin from Global Flowers 2U coordinating the following florists: Tiger Lily Florists, Wendy’s Elegant Flowers, Foxtail Floral, English Garden Florist, Gaia Flowers, Global Flowers 2U and Floral 2000.  All attendees will vote on the best floral design and prizes will be presented and displays auctioned to the guests.

The Mistress of Ceremonies will be Denise Valdez from 8 News Now.  Proceeds from the event fund the University’s community outreach programs where several times a year health festivals are presented around Southern Nevada offering free health screenings to the public.  Reservations are limited to the first 100 people.  To secure your reservation call Barbara at 968-2055 or e-mail

Chamber Happenings - August 25, 2011

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