December 16, 2009
Weekly Chamber Broadcast Email ~ The Chamber Means Business

Do you need Quick Books training?

The Chamber is assessing the interest level of a Quick Books training class.  If you'd like to offer training to you employees, or would like to take a class yourself, please let the Chamber office know.  We will see if there is enough interest in hiring a certified trainer to assist us in offering this program to our membership.

Member Activities

We still have quite a bit going on here in BC through the Christmas Holidays.  Please see the information and links below for further details.

2010 Dam Short Film Festival

Our call for entries closed on December 1st. Look to our website for an announcement about the details of the 2010 Festival around January 1st at

Volunteering and Lead Volunteer

Our festival would be nothing without our great volunteers, and this year we need a volunteer to lead them. If you’d like to volunteer to organize our massive army of volunteers this year let us know (please put the phrase Lead Volunteer in your subject line), or if you’d just like to volunteer, please e-mail us at or call 702 447-4747.

For more information about volunteering see our volunteer page for details:

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you or someone you know is interested in supporting the festival please visit our sponsorship page for details:

We are also accepting donations for our silent auction. Please contact us at if you are interested in donating.

Auctions at Darwin Bible's - Weekly auctions start January 8th,not Dec.8th

Boulder City Circle---

Troops Collection---

Storage Plus Special---



Better Business Bureau Warning

Please see further details for the most recent warning sent by the Better Business Bureau.



We just received a letter from Google that our link on Google Maps has won the "FAVORITE" award for it's entry.  Since creating this link, we've had over 1700 hits and over 50 print-outs of our coupon in the last 30 days. 

If you remember, several months ago, one of our past board members sent our membership a tip on using FREE Google Maps.  It has been paying off for us already.  Check it and see if it can help your business too!

Go to and learn more.

Prepare for the Electric Rate Increase

As we all know, the inevitable is upon us, and in the next few weeks we'll be seeing an electric rate increase.  For many of us, the current usage of power-including those Christmas lights you have on right now-will reflect a 35% increase to your bottom line in January.  The Chamber wants to help you, in any way possible, to reduce your expenditure of power, and hopefully offset the financial increase.

As I have researched what we can do here at the Chamber office to reduce our use of electricity and conserve where ever possible, we have found several websites that have been informative.  Many of the tips are simply commonsense, but some you may not have thought of.  I've added links to websites that may have helpful information and ideas. 

Also, please check out the Rural Nevada Development Corporation's website for possible financial assistance on home rehabilitation and weatherization.  There might be funds available to you for improvements to your home or business that would help make it more energy efficient such as new windows and doors.  (They also assist with building handicap ramps-not something that will help your electric bill, but could be very essential for someone you love.)

Although the Chamber can not physically put money in your hands to help pay the bills, we do hope you find some assistance with the information provided.  If there is anything you can think of that you'd like to share, please forward it to me and I'd be happy to add that to a future e-news Chamber Happenings.

Happy Holidays

This will be the last Chamber Happenings for the year 2009.  The Chamber will be closed from December 24th through January 3rd.  If you have any problems or concerns, please respond to this email, as it will be checked occasionally.

From Jingle Cat and all of us here at the Chamber of Commerce, we sincerely wish you a Happy Holiday and look forward to a bright New Year.


Chamber Happenings - December 16, 2009

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