February 2012
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New App Available to Members

Jill Rowland-Lagan

We just released the new Boulder City Chamber of Commerce App for the members to access the Chamber Website and your TCS page. It is available on the Iphone, the Android and the Blackberry in the app stores. This app is different from the tourism app that was created and released last year. This app is for you to access your traffic catcher site, check out the City's Master Calendar of events, check out event photos, update/create/change your daily deals coupon, add a press release or member announcement, and just about anything else you can do currently on your desk top computer.

This new benefit makes your Smart Phone work for you and gives you the flexibility to stay connected to those checking out your product or service on the internet. Your time is valuable and we are striving to make access to your Traffic Catcher Site easy. This means accurate info to the public and potential new business through your doors.

From your Smart Phone, access your app store, in the search field enter Boulder City, find both apps-the tourism based app with the light blue background (upload it if you haven't...it's great!) and now the new one that says "Chamber Me" under the World Away For A Day logo.

Check it out today, it's FREE and will simplify your busy business life!


Prescription Drug Cards Available at Chamber Office

We've had some positive feedback regarding the Prescription Drug Card.  Please send your comments to Jill@bouldercitychamber.com.  We'll publish notes and look into questions for the benefit of all users.

Boxtops for Schools

Member Christy Springgate-Hill is a big supporter of the General Mills Boxtops Promotion.  You will notice on General Mills products a small BOXTOPS logo with perforated borders.  When redeemed by schools, these little coupons turn into benefits for our schools in the way of supplies and extras that aren't in the schools' budgets any longer.  Take just a minute to cut these BOXTOPS off of the packaging and when you've collected some, drop them off at the chamber office.  Christy will make sure they get delivered to the schools for redemption.


Click on the link below to visit the Press Releases and Announcements.

Members - Please remember that you can post your own Press Releases and Announcements.


Calendar Maintenance

Members -

We have some posters here in the Chamber office with details of coming events. In comparing those posters to our Master Calendar we've noticed that many of the events are not posted to the calendar.  Please post your upcoming events and event details.  If you need help posting to the calendar, call the Chamber office (293-2034), we'll be glad to help.

Chamber Happenings - February 2012

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