May 1, 2012 ~ Family Fun Festival For Everyone

It's Almost Here!!

I'm very excited to have Spring Jam 2012 just a few days away.  The weather report looks great and we're praying for NO WIND!!!

There are a couple of things I just wanted to share before you get on the road.  

First of all, thank you very much for the high response rate regarding the survey that was sent out a couple of weeks ago.  We received many great suggestions to make this year better and several that we will implement in the future due to lack of time.  We loved the ideas you sent on new advertising opportunities, especially in the social media field.  We have tried to respond to everyone that sent a question or need further follow-up.  We will continue this survey-type form of communication in the future and want to thank you for in advance for letting us know how we can improve the show.

For those that have decided to join us in the Text Messaging program, we will be starting that correspondence on May 4th.  Thank you for opting into that program.  We are striving to keep the lines of communication open and want to make sure all are included and heard.  If you are still interested, simply text to the number 90210 and in the message field type, "Spring Jam Vendor".  It's that easy.  You'll get a response from us saying welcome.  Then on May 4th, you'll see updated information regarding the event and important details to keep you aware of all that is happening.  

Our great City is undergoing a revitalization project on our main street.  Please be patient with the construction crew as you make your way down Nevada Highway to Bicentennial Park on Colorado Street.  We have had many new signs made directing general traffic into the event beginning at the first stoplight in Boulder City.  However some of those signs will just be going up on Friday in preparation of the public for Saturday.   Due to the dirt patches on the main street, we will have a detour for our car show entries, but will not be highlighting those for the general public.  If you have any problems, just contact the Chamber on Friday (9am-5pm) and we'll help you out.   If you are looking for more directions, we have a vicinity map that you can print out on our website

Please remember to bring your welcome packets with you that contain your One-Time Sales Tax slips and your booth numbers.  Complete the backside of the booth number with your emergency information so that in the case of a problem, emergency personal will have an immediate way to contact you.  Please hang those in the upper, right, inside corner of your display.  This year all the booth numbers will be spray painted on the grass at the right corner of your booth.  This is to make it easier for identification of each booth and for a quick response if necessary.

We are excited to be able to provide you with a wonderful option for weighting down your tents.  One of our local non-profits has created colorful buckets with handles and eye bolts cemented into each.  You can use rope to tie them to the frame of your tent or bungee cords if you prefer.  Flowers are also buried in the cement to make for a more decorative display instead of an industrial look that would take away from your creative booths.  They are $25 each or a set of four for $75.  With the new weight requirement for each participant, we know that this option will be popular.  Please let me know if you'd like to reserve a set.  Call the Chamber office at 702-293-2034 to let us know you'd like them delivered to your booth.  

OK, I think that is it for now.  We'll see you soon.  Travel safe and we wish you the very best Spring Jamboree!


Spring Jamboree - May 1, 2012

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