April 17, 2019
Weekly Newsletter

Member Renewals

Buckeye RV Resort
Susan McKee
Member Since: 11/29/2017
Renewed On: 04/15/2019

Jackie & Verlyne Meck
Member Since: 02/20/2003
Renewed On: 04/15/2019

Buckeye Stereo and Tint
John Rico
Member Since: 08/09/2012
Renewed On: 04/11/2019

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Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce
508 E. Monroe Avenue
Buckeye, AZ 85326

623-386-2727 Office

First Southern Baptist Easter Service

Nominating Committee

The Buckeye Valley Chamber Board of Directors has accepted the Nominating Committee's recommendations of Happy Hollingsworth (WalMart Super Store) and Joey Cruz (National Bank of AZ). The slate also includes John Rico (Buckeye Party Builders), Bill Kerr (Kerr Family Dairy) and Kevin Johnson (RE/MAX Renaissance) who already serve on the board and have chosen to continue for a 2nd 3 year term.

Voting will take place on  Wednesday, May 1st at the Quarterly Breakfast to be held at the Coyote Branch Library at 7:00 am.

Nominations other than the ones submitted by the committee may be made by any member from the floor at the meeting preceding the election or by filing the name with the President/CEO at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election.

BBC Guest Speaker/Lunch and Learn

RSVP for Lunch and Learn by April 16th

Leadership West Flagship Program

Leadership West exists to further develop and retain high quality leaders in the West Valley & to promote a mindset of Civic Ownership. We are in a leadership crisis. Our politics are becoming more polarized, we are staying in silos and we are afraid to stand up and take or remain in a leadership role. Leadership West gives the tools to have civic civil conversations and work with leaders to make positive changes for the West Valley and beyond.
For 23 years, Leadership West continues to grow and develop leaders that serve in many
capacities including government officials, city leaders, business owners, board members and
philanthropic owners. The West Valley as a whole, is poised for tremendous growth and we
each have a role to play. It is more vital than ever that we have leaders who are prepared to
lead, educated on regional issues, and willing to lead by example. It is our firm belief that
Leadership West will continue to play a vital role in supplying the next wave of leaders for our region.
The Leadership West Flagship program is a rigorous 150+ hour intensive experience that will provide you with:
A greater regional awareness of the West Valley
A deeper look into core issues that face our State
Leadership Skills Development
Network opportunities to create change
The Leadership West program is a serious investment in your ability to make a positive impact for your organization and for the West Valley. If you are ready to take the next step in your leadership and civic ownership, you can apply online at:

Quarterly Breakfast

Legislative Affairs

The Buckeye Valley Chamber supported HB 2569 throughout it's journey through the Legislature and now the Governor has signed it into law.

2569 Summary:

This law, sponsored by Representative Warren Petersen allows any person who establishes residency in this state and meets all statutorily outlined criteria to obtain an occupational license based on their license from another state. Individuals who take advantage of the licensing reciprocity are subject to the laws regulating the person's practice in this state and to the regulating entity's jurisdiction. The law allows a regulating entity to administer an examination specific to Arizona laws as part of application process. 


News from the Chamber - April 17, 2019