May 29, 2019
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Buckeye Rocks!

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Dessert Auction at Buckeye Rocks!

If you would like to donate a dessert for the Buckeye Valley Chamber to auction and help raise money towards our scholarship fund, please give Cathy or Tedy a call at 623-386-2727. 

Luke Air Force Base (AFB) Targeted Growth Management Plan Short Survey

Luke Air Force Base (AFB) Targeted Growth Management Plan 
Short Survey

Luke Air Force Base is an important asset regionally, as well as nationally. As the base grows, the region is dedicated to supporting the mission and personnel. The purpose of this local community development survey is to gain input from Luke Air Force Base area residents regarding housing, economic development, transportation, and education needs to create and implement an innovative and effective growth management plan for communities in the West Valley ahead of the addition of 2,324 military and civilian personnel (DoD and contractors) and their families to the base by 2023 for an expansion of the Base’s mission


Your voice is critical to understanding the priorities, needs, and opportunities that will help us in that goal. You can make a difference by completing the short survey found through the link below.


To access the survey, please visit this link The six digit code that is requested in order to begin the survey is printed between the request to enter the code and the box where the code is entered.


The results of the survey will be used to develop strategies in the areas of transportation, economic and workforce development, housing, and education. Including diverse perspectives will ensure the strategies position the base and the surrounding communities for success.


The survey will remain open until June 20, 2019. All responses will be anonymous.

Together, we can leverage the growth at the base and mitigate any challenges. Our region will be stronger for this effort.


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