GEDCC Ballot for Board Nominees - Due in 10 days


In accordance with the By-laws of the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, the Nominating Committee has submitted the following names to the Board of Directors and the Chamber Membership from which seven (7) directors are to be elected to serve three (3) year terms.  
  • Only one ballot may be submitted per Chamber Member. 
  • Ballots may only be counted for dues-paying Chamber Members in good standing. 
  • Ballots must be returned to the Chamber offices within 10 days. 
Instructions:  Place a cross mark (x) on the space preceding each name of the candidate for whom you are voting

There are seven (7) positions to be filled, and, after careful consideration, the Nominating Committee is presenting a group of people they feel are worthy candidates.  If, however, you are aware of other deserving candidates who are members of the East Dallas Chamber of Commerce, please feel free to place their names on the ballot as “write in” candidates.
Three Year Terms - January 2020 – December 2022
Please vote for up to seven nominees.
_____ René Barrera   _____ Kelly Harris
_____ Jacob Elliff   _____ Steve Moore
_____ Marty Ezelle   _____ Ross Williams
_____ Jonathan Fredi      
Write-In Candidate:  _______________________________________
Voting Member Signature:  ______________________________________
Company Membership Name:  ___________________________________

CLICK HERE to download Ballot to mail in 
Ballots may be returned by mail or email by September 25.
Mail:  9543 Losa Drive, Suite 118, Dallas, Texas  75218



Ferguson Road Initiative Community Connection Town Hall Meeting
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM C
White Rock Church of Christ
9220 Ferguson Road
Dallas, TX 75228

GEDCC Luncheon with Community Partners
11:30 AM - 01:00 PM C
Lakewood Country Club
1912 Abrams Rd.
Dallas, TX 75214

Events - GEDCC Ballot for Board Nominees - Due in 10 days