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This year is very different for our Honorary Mayor Candidates. Normally our candidates, have many events to help raise money, like the Hot Dog Booth at concerts, bbq's, dinner night outs the list goes on and on. Being that that we can not gather together in person, these two candidates and their teams have come up with some creative ideas to raise money safely and virtually.

Please see below what each candidate is doing to help raise money for the Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce and their Charities. You can visit each candidates webpages for more details on what they are raising money for and what their causes are. 

Each candidate has only until Aug 31st to raise money! The candidate that raises the most money will become the 42nd Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce Honorary Mayor. We don't anticipate this being a record breaking year for raising money but we certainly appreciate anything that comes in to help raise money for our Chamber and their Charities.

Normally or announcement is held at the North Ridge Country Club in September. We are currently waiting to see if we will be able to gather in a large setting at that time or if we will have a virtual announcement. Stay tuned for more details. 

Thank you to all who have supported both candidates.

Best Friends Game Night - ZOOM

Supporting Chrysti Tovani


How well do you know your friends? Join us on zoom with your bestie and play to win! We'll be hosting a game once a week and doing raffles throughout the game as well as giving out prizes for the winners.
Once you purchase your ticket connect with Chrysti Tovani to confirm the date and get the link to the game room on zoom.
Times: 7 PM to 8:30 PM
July 17th 
July 24th
July 31st

Donate $10 or more to Penny's campaign for a chance to Win!

July 1st - July 4th

Donate $10 or more to Chrysti's campaign for a chance to Win Prizes!

July 1st - July 6th

Penny's Jar

Honorary Mayor Candidate Penny Howard

Fair Oaks Porch Portraits

Honorary Mayor Candidate Chrysti Tovani

Limited appointments: Register today! What a great keepsake during this time!!
$50 until July 6th - Purchase today and use before the end of Summer.  $150 value, price will go up to $75 on July 7th


Tovani - T-shirts

Supporting Fair Oaks

Support Fair Oaks Chamber and our Honorary Mayor Candidates

These two ladies are coming up with clever ideas virtually and with social distancing in mind. They are working hard to raise money for the Fair Oaks Chamber and their Charities. Please help by supporting them along with other chamber members that are supporting. 

Now more than ever this is a time to help support. Please see below what they are offering as fundraisers. 


I would like to send a personal thank you and Shout out to Chamber members Mitch Clouse of Clouse Insurance and Mary Howard & John Oldham for "Paying it Forward" this week, your extra support  to the chamber and a member in need at this time goes a long way. 

I encourage any member who would like to help out by "Paying it Forward" or would like to pay their membership early to help our chamber during this difficult time.

I will promote you in our "Pay it Forward" Shout outs!

Thank you again, Mitch and your team for supporting our chamber! We love members like you who go the extra mile. Thanks for supporting your community. 

If you would like to support send an email now
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