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Additional St. Louis County CARES Act Funding

Small Business Rapid Deployment Fund
Funded through a grant from the St. Louis County CARES Act - $5,000 Grants for Small Businesses with 25 or Fewer Full-TIme Equivalent (FTE) Employees

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Why Support Small, Shop Local?

Keep Cheer Here - Shop, Dine, Support Local
The mission of the Fenton Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote, support and represent business for the betterment of our members and the community. We are proud to lead the charge in support of local jobs and small businesses.

This holiday season - and all year round - we hope you will join us in making a difference in our community by supporting local businesses, including shopping retail, services, restaurants and more! We encourage you to spend time exploring all that Fenton has to offer.

Every time you visit a local business, you are helping not only that business, but you are supporting a business which gives back to their community, employs community members, and promotes doing business in Fenton. Let's continue to be a place that is thriving and growing for and because of our great business community!

For business owners: the Fenton Area Chamber of Commerce is here to provide a community of support, business resources, and promotion avenues for businesses. Our staff, board of directors and membership are focused and determined to help professionals grow, learn and build bountiful partnerships.

December Luncheon + Holiday Giving

Due to current St. Louis County COVID-19 executive orders, we will not be able to have our in-person luncheon, scheduled for Wednesday, December 2. Stay tuned for some holiday fun (you didn't think we'd give up our holidays that easy, did you?)

At the November luncheon, some of your fellow Chamber members volunteered to decorate a bare wreath and bring back to to be raffled off. Completed wreaths will have values from $30 - $50 and are always incredibly diverse in their decor/themes. You won't want to miss it!

Since we are unable to be in person, we will be giving all Chamber members the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win one of the twelve decorated wreaths! Watch for a link to purchase raffle tickets on next week's "Monday Minute" as well as photos of wreaths submitted.

Raffle proceeds support 2021 Fenton Chamber programming as well as contributions to local food pantries and non-profit organizations.

Please consider supporting a local food pantry this holiday season. Typically we take up collections at the December luncheon, but since we are unable to meet in person, we are encouraging you to find a way to support one of these organizations. If you need assistance or would like to drop off your donation to the Fenton Chamber office, please reach out to us by phone or email.

Circle of Concern
636-861-2623 | Website

Feed My People
636-677-9885 | Website

Rockwood South Middle School
"Helping Hands" Pantry

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NEW!!! FACC "Proud Patron" Program - Request Your Cards Today!

How to Use the "Patron Referral Card"
(1) As a leave behind Gesture of Appreciation
- Simply leave the business card, along with yours, for the manager at a member's place of business. It’s an easy way for you to let them know that you patronized their business. And later, they might do the same for you!

(2) As an added Social Media Tool
For Facebook or for Instagram (@fentonmochamber):
- Before you leave the card, be sure to take a photo of the card, or a fun selfie with it. Then post it to your favorite social media. But don’t forget to tag the Fenton Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and Instagram as well as the business you are visiting on Facebook. Use the hashtag #ProudPatronFACC



Support Small All Holiday Season!

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