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Wednesday November 29th, 2012
Updates and Member Promotions

Notice of Possibly Deceptive Solicitation from

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler is notifying Colorado businesses of another possibly deceptive solicitation issued by “Compliance Services.” The entity has mailed solicitations titled “Annual Minutes Requirement Statement Directors and Shareholders” to businesses in Colorado. These solicitations offer to prepare documents to satisfy the annual minutes requirement for a $125.00 fee. Though most corporations are required to keep records of annual minutes, they are not required to file these records with any third party.

Leadville’s Annual Parade of Lights is hoping to Bring Back Christmas!!

The Leadville/Lake County Chamber of Commerce is currently seeking entrants for Leadville’s Parade of Lights, to be held on Saturday, December 8th, 2012.
Entrants will be judged on their creativity, costumes and enthusiasm in portraying the cultures that have been instrumental in coinciding with Bringing Back Christmas! There will be hay rides on Harrison Ave. starting a 4 p.m., and a $3.00 donation is suggested. The money raised will be used to purchase future holiday lighting for Harrison Ave.

Visitor Center Remodel

We are happy to report that the Visitor Center remodel has almost been completed with the majority of the work acomplished.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those who helped donate their time, money and sweat equity and made it possible!

Mike Simon
Sarah Simon
Kat Neilson
Heather Lindh
John Cornella
Tara Hosick
Greg Labbe for all the great additions to the decor.

We would like to thank Jack Saunders for helping us to remove the materials necessary to complete the work. We would alos like to thank CMC-Timberline for sponsoring a large portion of the project.
If you haven't been in to see the changes we have made stop by on  your next trip down Harrison Ave.

Calendar Events

Although the solicitations contain disclaimers stating that “The preparation of minutes of annual meetings does not satisfy the requirement to file th

CoBank, a cooperative bank serving rural infrastructure throughout the United States, announced in June the creation of a $3 million charitable fund designed to benefit cooperatives and the charitable groups they support throughout rural America called “Sharing Success.”  “Shared success is a hallmark of the cooperative business model, so we’re absolutely delighted to be announcing this new program,” said Robert B. Engel, CoBank’s president and chief executive officer.

Chamber Seeks Volunteers

I know that it has been far too long since you have had the pleasure of greeting our visitors.  Thankfully, your wait is over.  Heather will be taking some well-deserved vacation in the last two weeks of December and the first week of January.  During that time, we would like to keep the Visitor's Center open as much as possible in order to greet those visitors hardy enough to venture up into the mountains in celebration of the beginning of Winter.  We hope that the snows will come and Ski Cooper will be hosting hundreds, if not thousands of skiers and potential tourists.

During this time, it is my hope to have the Visitor's Center open from 10:00 until 2:00 each day.  The following are the days that we wish to be open during her vacation:
                             Tues          Wed          Thurs          Fri          Sat
December               18             19              20              21           22
                                                    26             27              28           29
January                                       2               3                4             5    

Please let me know what days or portions of those days you will be able and willing to help.

Thank you,      
Greg Labbe
Centennial Real Estate
303-641-1128 (cell)

Thank You!!!!

We appreciate your support and would like to remind you as a Chamber Member you can include any JPEG in the weekly annoucements. Please submit your entry by Tuesday at 4 pm.

We will be reviewing membership renewals. If you haven't had a chance to renew your membership please do so as we would like to continue offering your business the amazing benefits that come with membership.

Thank you for your membership!
Weekly Announcements - Wednesday November 29th, 2012

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