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Wednesday May 22nd, 2013
Updates and Member Promotions

A Good Time Had by All

...well maybe. 
Howard Tritz went over a few details about how the chamber might be at least 25 years older than that, but we'll stick with the century mark for now.

The party was great, the food was tasty and a lot of people walked away with some great auction items.  No one got dizzy during the wine walk, and no one got knocked down or bruised during the Chamber chairs or dancing, so our safety record remains intact.

I  wanted to thank our sponsors Climax Molybdenum and the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum, Tennessee Pass for providing the catering, Cookies with Altitude for providing a HUGE birthday cake and other desserts, Ken Chlouber for doing the live auction, and all of the other donors and volunteers who helped make this successful event happen.

New Chamber Board members elected

The Chamber of Commerce membership voted in three new members to the Board of Directors that were announced at the annual meeting.

A big thank you to the three outgoing Board members, Tara Hosick, John Cornella, and Bob Seuferer.  Both Carol Glenn and Heather Lindh will remain Chamber Board members.

The three new Board members are Brenda Marine from B & B Shipping and More, Travis Colbert from City on a Hill Coffee & Espresso, and Amy Tait with Climax Molybdenum.

Welcome to the new members and seated Board, and we look forward to a productive year ahead!

Director's Corner

Hello Members,
I plan to use this 'corner' of the weekly newsletter as necessary to get miscellaneous information out to members, and to highlight particularly noteworthy items.

One of my first goals as Acting Director is to update all of the member contact info.  The number of mailings and emails that have been returned when the Chamber has attempted contact recently imply that there are a few member records that need updating.  Communication is always important, not only from the Chamber to its membership, but also between members who want to find out more about another member's services or products.

Consequently, you may be contacted in the next 30 days by email, phone, or mail to confirm or update any of your business' contact information.  I appreciate your patience while we audit and update our contact information.

A huge shout out of "Thank you!" to all of the members who attended our annual meeting and 100th Birthday Party on May 17th, participated in the live and silent auction (as a donor or purchaser), and took the opportunity to network and above all else, enjoyed themselves.  More about the party and meeting in this newsletter.

Thank you, and have a great holiday week!
Jeff McGuinness

Did you buy a Silent Auction item??

While blinded by the excitement of acquiring a silent auction prize at the annual party, at least a few people left the party with only the auction sheet that described the item, and not the actual prize!

You wanted that auction item, and we want you to have it!!

If you think you may be one of those folks who purchased something from the auction, but did not actually leave with it, please contact the Chamber right away at 719-486-3900 to be reunited with your prize.

Save the Date for June Business After Hours!

Don't forget to add June 27th to your calendar for the next Chamber Business After Hours.  It will be hosted by the Healy House and Dexter Cabin.  Please plan on joining your fellow chamber members at one of the museums on the Leadville Museum Passport.

Keep your eye out for more information on this event!


Mark Tuscany Off Your Bucket List!!

Take a Trip to Tuscany with the Chamber!
Call Carol at 719-486-1409 and reserve your space TODAY!

The early registration deadline that saves you $100 per person has been extended!!
For more information, please check out the Chamber's website at www.leadvilleusa.com
or call Jeff McGuinness at 719-486-3900.

Other Chamber News...

I want to remind members that your announcement can be included in next Wednesday's weekly Chamber announcement.  Simply email your 'copy and paste' ready message to us at Leadville@LeadvilleUSA.com.

One administrative note:
The Chamber's email software is still experiencing technical difficulties.  We are receiving all of your emails, however, our outgoing capabilities remain limited.  As a consequence, you may see emails from my personal email address, which is jmcguinness639@gmail.com.  Don't mark me as SPAM!  And don't worry, we have a team of highly trained IT professionals working to get this permanently solved.

As always, Thank You for your membership in the Chamber!
Jeff McGuinness
Weekly Announcements - Wednesday May 22nd, 2013

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