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Member: HBG Consulting, LLC

Below is a list of members we do business with and recommend...

HBW Insurance Group, Inc. - David Hamerski
David has the Chamber's policies and my personal lines. I appreciate his thoroughness as we assessed needs. David is an independent agent, so he has access to many competitive providers.

HBW Insurance Group, Inc. - David Hamerski
David has done a great job helping me assess my businesses risks and shopping around for the best coverage avilable.

Pacifica Senior Living Paradise Valley - Tori Baker
When we moved my father to Phoenix, Pacifica turned out the be the perfect place to help us. Dad needed memory care, and the staff, the properly layout, and overall philosophy mindset at Pacifica was perfect. We needed all that love and support during one of the most challenging times in our family's history. We couldn't have picked a better place.

PoolWerx Union Hills - Bobbi Howard
When we needed a "kiddie pool" for washing the dogs in the backyard and giving them a "splash" pool, Bobbi at PoolWerx was the first place I called. She had exactly what we were looking for, and that little pool has held up for several years.

Quick Quack Car Wash - Addie Ulsh
Great car wash experience. Thorough, clean equipment, and environmentally friendly. Check these guys out.

Simply Water - Charita DeBrossard
If you haven't tried alkaline water yet, you must stop at this location and grab a gallon. Tastes amazing.