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Member: Joshua Development

Below is a list of members we do business with and recommend...

Angel Air Cooling & Heating, LLC - Jake Angel

Baci Italian Bistro - Frank Greco
Frank is out of this world AWESOME!! My boys and I go there for dinner and we look forward to chatting with Frank and laughing up a storm with him. Those dough balls can be humorous in the hands of my little dudes with interesting imaginations and Frank makes us feel so awesome each and every time we come in!

Brenits Creative - Andy Brenits
Andy is an exceptional leader and businessman with a fascinating background many should learn more about! He is a creative genius and has helped out our QC Chamber Education Committee by building our logo for our annual Elevate for Tomorrow conference. He has worked for monster outfits like the Gap, Banana Republic, NFL. Now out in the QC, we are grateful he is exercising his talents and abilities to bring value to our local businesses eager to differentiate themselves.

Courtyard by Marriott at Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport - Laura Moats
As a former Town of QC employee, Laura has a heart of gold and enjoys being able to create a unique experience with all of her guests at the Courtyard Marriott. She will put a smile on your face each time you see her! She is an absolute asset to her team and thrives on making others feel at home when they come to stay at her hotel!

Green QC Mom - Dawn Oliphant
Dawn is not just one of the greatest QC Town Council members, she brings a whole other level of value to our community from the non-toxic products she shares as a distributor for Shaklee. She has earned her title as the Green QC Mom and loves sharing her passion for helping us parents free our homes of all the toxic chemicals we use that contribute to our overall health and wellness.

iFix'em - Jeremy Benson

Juice Plus - Martha Kieffer
Martha is incredibly passionate about Juice Plus and thrives on sharing these sensational products with those to enjoy greater overall health and wellness. Our family has been taking these products for over a year and have had ZERO illnesses after years of recurring coughs, flu, etc. More and more people should be aware and educated on the power of just simply having these fruits and vegetables that come in capsules of gummies!

Life Aligned Chiropractic PLC - Christopher Hargrave
Dr. Chris & Erica Hargrave came here to serve their community in a meaningful and purposeful way. They have worked on my oldest son several times now and I just love and appreciate how they always treat others with the utmost of care and concern!

Mountain America Credit Union - Gregg Merrill
Mountain America is just an outstanding outfit! They have been so incredible with caring for my boys and their youth accounts and their people are undeniably some of most kind and caring individuals that exist in their field. They will change your perception of the "banking world" with the way they truly practice the golden rule with both their internal and external customers!

Old Ellsworth Brewing Company - Brian McKean
Brian has brought something so incredibly unique and exciting to the Queen Creek area that many have been aching for years to enjoy! He is passionate about brewing and excited to bring value to those who enjoy locally brewed beer!

Queen Creek Performing Arts Center - Molly Jacobs
Molly is just the bomb diggity with nothing but life and light radiating out of her! She lives for theater and bringing the community together in such a unique way!! She will energize any room she walks into and we are grateful to have her pouring her heart and soul into all that she does to bring entertainment to our community!

Shipman Cleaning Co. - Sean & Cristal Shipman
Sean & Cristal are just the sweetest couple on the planet who care so much about what they are doing and the opportunity they have to clean out the funk we often let stew in our carpets and flooring. They will undeniably treat you with so much care and concern as they just are wired with those guiding values and principles!

Sterling Services - Joel Harris
Joel and his team are just exceptional human beings that lead with a true client-focused mentality. They take the time to listen to the needs of those they are serving and work towards helping them solve problems and prevent future issues for all of your HVAC & Plumbing needs!

Ultimate DJ Entertainment - Michael Banfield

United Food Bank - Melissa Forrester

Use My Guy Services - Connie Bunyard
These guys are some of the most sensational human beings we have in our QC Community and I am just grateful to know, support, and enjoy them on a regular basis. For 7 years now, they have brought value to our community taking care of the household items most of us have no idea how to tend to..even with YouTube there to attempt to guide you along the way, the truth is, you need someone with their skills to conquer our household tasks the right way!

West USA Realty - Angela Tauscher
Angela is one of the most outstanding, influential members of the Queen Creek Chamber and our community at large. She utilizes her strengths and is a natural relationship builder. She brings everyone together and builds people up to push them to perform at their highest level.