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(this is a Member-to-Member offer)
10% off any one product offered by TGi Clean Air
Mention code TGi10 for 10% off any products on our website or any of our charges on services offered between October 25th 2021 and until a week before Christmas, December 17th 2021. Save on breathing clean air in your entire home or business, on detergentless washing the family's laundry or any of our other products and service. Price list available, please email.
Disclaimer: Items must be ordered on or before the 17th to arrive in time for Christmas giving.
Expiration: 12/17/2021
TGi Clean Air
Brigitte or Steve Cornelius
2158 222nd Ave
P.O. Box 521
Decorah, IA 52101
produced by: Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce
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