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To Find A Mentor....

It’s easy enough to find a mentor. The more challenging part is becoming the kind of person someone wants to mentor. For that, you need to be coachable, and you need to inspire people to want to help you. You need to be a learner ...

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Member Spotlight!

Forget Marie Kondo, This Organizer is on a Mission…
Meet Ask Aisi!

If you don’t know what a Professional Organizer is by now perhaps, you’re buried in a cave of clutter! Thanks to Marie Kondo, the Netflix star and author of Tidying Up, Professional Organizers are quickly becoming the super heroes of our times. While they don’t have the ability to stop bullets and are far more likely to have a label maker than a weapon, they do help people transform their way of living. People everywhere are stepping out from under their ever-growing to-do lists and soul crushing clutter to locate the few brave Professionals that are willing to tackle chaos and breathe new life into homes and businesses.

Enter Aislinn Ellis, Owner and Chief Chaos Controller, of Ask Aisi, L.L.C, is on a mission to help 25,000,000 people find the calm in the chaos and clutter during the next five years. She has a true fire in her heart for living life and helping others. She is a woman of faith and community. As a survivor of domestic violence, she knows all too well how precious and fleeting life can be. Her mother was in the Air Force and her family has lived in Arizona for about 30 years. This is her home and she’s gonna make sure it’s tidy!

Ask Aisi, L.L.C, offers the following services:
• Space Planning
• Clutter Control
• Closet / Pantry Overhaul
• Paper Management
• Relocation Management
• Financial Systems Management
• Technology Integration Management
• Eco-Friendly and Chemical Free Cleaning Products

Ask Aisi, L.L.C, is licensed, bonded, insured and a proud member of the national and local chapter of National Association of Productivity and Organization, (NAPO). She can be reached at 623.404.0900 or https://askaisi.com to schedule a free consultation today so you can start living Your Most Organized Life, tomorrow!
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