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President/CEO Scot Andrews

Well two weeks into the new role as your President/CEO! It has been a fire hose. No complaints. I am having as much fun as I ever had in my career, meeting a multitude of diverse and interesting business professionals, committed city leaders who so love our home in Peoria. All I've met are tirelessly investing their talents to take us to the next level as the premier place to reside in the valley and a great Chamber. Our future is bright. Come meet me and let's discuss how we can add value to your business.

One of the most important strategic pillars of my time leading our Chamber will be to facilitate the development of our committees into robust contributing "game changers" for our community. We seek leaders and volunteers with a passion for Peoria and the surrounding areas to plug into our committees and learn how they can make a difference. The investment you make with your time and talent, will bring each who serve a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that only comes thru serving others.

In this newsletter we have highlighted each of our current committees, the current chair and added their e-mail contact information if you would like to serve or contact them. I would like to highlight one committee leader in this posting.  Liz Recchia has served as our Government Affairs Committee chair and her efforts and expertise in this area are second to none. We have added a government affairs update section to our newsletter including providing the most current legislative information and links to keep our members educated as to both our legislative process and progress Thank you - Liz! for your committed service, positive attitude and I so look forward to the future contributions to come from your hard work and leadership on this important committee. We look forward to hearing more from your committee!

In closing, I'll state "Together We Make A Difference". It is a slogan I use it allot. It's a consistent practice of engaging and listening to our community and one another to build the future. I hope to meet each of you in the near future! Make it a great week! ~Scot

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Peoria Chamber Committees

Volunteers lead our committees to new heights serving the community.  As a member, you have the opportunity to get invest your time and make a difference in our community. Your involvement determines your success and the success of others. Follow your passion and you are interested in working  with new members as an Ambassador, serving community needs , debating public policy, developing business programs or guiding economic development in Peoria, we welcome and encourage your leadership in our committees!

Committees & Committee Chair
Ambassadors Committee- Chair: David Tracy

The Ambassadors help our member businesses excel.  By welcoming, supporting and working with each new member, the Ambassadors Committee expands your first experience in the Peoria Chamber of Commerce business community.  You will participate influence energetic and outgoing members at ribbon-cuttings, mixers, grand opening celebrations and more.
Meeting Information: 2nd Monday of each month

Military & Veterans Affairs Committee - Interim Chair: Scot Andrews sandrews@peoriachamber or key contact Tony Montagnino (Marine)

The Military & Veterans Affairs Committee serves to honor active and retired military and maintain the Chamber’s partnership with Luke Air Force Base, our US congressional representatives and City of Peoria leaders with a passion to serve our veterans.  The Peoria Chamber values service in all branches of the military, raises funds to help veterans.
The Committee supports the Wing Orientation program.  Members of the Chamber are eligible to provide offers, collateral marketing and other informational that is given to each new arrival in person during the orientation program at Luke AFB.
Meeting Information: 4th Wednesday of each month

Government Affairs Committee - Chair: Liz Recchia

The Governmental Affairs Committee monitors local, City, State and National information related to business in Peoria and the West Valley. This committee features many legislative experts from throughout the Phoenix metropolitan. The committee serves to inform members regarding important initiatives and changes in legislation. When needed, the committee provides opportunities for members to engage in the legislative process by contacting elected officials regarding issues that may impact your business. Annually the committee publishes Policy Statements on all topics related to the Chamber and local government.
Meeting Information: 3rd Wednesday of each month

Community Affairs Committee  (New/Forming) - Chair: Stephanie Klingener 

"An opportunity to make a life changing impact within the community" The Community Affairs (CAC) is here to serve the City of Peoria and the West Valley by assisting businesses, residents, churches, non-profits and other community support groups to serve the vast needs within our community. The initial focus will be achieved by focusing on advocacy, outreach, mental health awareness, building relationships and encouraging community support, development and assistance.
Meeting Information:  TBD subject to final approval from CEO and Board of Directors. More to come!

Lemonade is the Official State Drink

Legislative Update – From Liz Recchia
Bills Signed by Governor Ducey as of June 1, 2019
The Arizona Legislature adjourned Sine Die (without a day (Latin)) on May 28, 2019 at 12:58 am. In Arizona, the General Effective Date of legislation passed this session will be August 27, 2019, but some laws may have specific effective dates. Check the specific legislation to determine if the effective date is August 27th or another specified date. This is not a complete list of all new laws, just the ones I thought would be of interest to most members.

The Governor still has several days to sign legislation transmitted to him in the past few days. In Arizona, the Governor may sign a bill into law, veto a bill or allow a bill to become law without signature. You can check bill status and bills signed into law at https://www.azleg.gov/

If you would like to know more about how a bill becomes a law, you may watch a short, 3-minute video I created. http://www.wemargad.org/bill-becomes-law-arizona/

HB 2692 - state drink; lemonade
Establishes Lemonade as official state drink.

As of June first there are many Bills Governor Ducey has signed into law. We will share these with you ove the next few newsletters.

SJR 1001/HJR 2002: Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan
SB 1227/HB 2545: Colorado River Drought Contingency amendments
SB 1348 - fireworks; retail sales; enforcement
Outlines changes to allowed fireworks for sale based on county population. Also outlines permissible consumer fireworks. Changes dates local municipalities and counties may or may not restrict sales of fireworks. Effective Date: Dec.31, 2020.
SB 1469 - agency consolidation; department of insurance
Consolidates the AATA (Arizona Automobile Theft Authority) within the Department of Insurance and establishes the Financial Institution Division within the department. Effective Date: June 30, 2020  https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/GetDocumentPdf/471616
SB 1349 - family college savings program
Expands the definition of qualified higher education expenses to conform with the 2017 Federal Tax Cuts & Job Act. Qualified Withdrawal now includes withdrawals for tuition less than $10,000. Qualified Higher Education Expenses have been expanded to include purchase of computers, software, internet access, etc. Allows through 12/31/2015 up to $15,000 of a 529 account to roll over to an Achieving a Better Life Experience Act Account.
SB 1297 - genetic testing information; confidentiality; exceptions
Requires genetic testing and results an only be released per state and federal law including HIPAA privacy provisions.  https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/GetDocumentPdf/471550
SB 1154 - primary date; first August Tuesday
Modifies dates regarding election cycle.  Requires county recorder to count all persons registered to vote on specific dates. Stipulates primary elections will be held on the first Tuesday in August beginning in 2020. Changes number of days prior to an election for calls for elections and candidate filings.  https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/GetDocumentPdf/471544
HB 2639 - timeshares; disclosures
Creates additional requirements as a part of timeshare purchase agreements and creates separate disclosure documents. Among the contract changes: rescission period extended to 10 days after execution of agreement, allows Attorney General to investigate and take action, etc. The disclosure document must contain: purchaser may cancel within 10 days with no penalty, statement telling purchaser he/she may be responsible to pay maintenance fees, taxes and other assessments, disclose timeshares are not investments, rights of purchaser to file complaint with AG, etc. Specifies other specific disclosures.
HB 2467 - committees; west basin water users
Establishes the Mohave County West Basin Water Users Study Committee and the La Paz County West Basin Water Users Study Committee. Will provide a report to ADWR, the Governor and both House of the State Legislature by December 21, 2021. Section is repealed as of June 30, 2022. https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/GetDocumentPdf/471541
HB 2133 - voter registration; updates; internet address
Allows county recorders to include an internet address for revising voter registration information. Allows county recorder to forward revised information to another county recorder if the new address is outside that county. https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/GetDocumentPdf/471540

PEORIA CHAMBER NEWSLETTER - Weekly Newsletter 07/17/19