Weekly Newsletter 08/07/19


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August Peoria Chamber Quarterly Luncheon
Guest Speaker - State Senator Rick Gray

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Ribbon Cutting - Mary Kay Cosmetics

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All new and current members are invited to participate
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Peoria Chamber Ambassador Monthly Meeting


Connecting the Chamber & Community - The Haymaker

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Member Spotlight

Planet Fitness is more than simply just a gym, and our staff is more than just your typical gym staff checking you in every day. Our staff go above and beyond to connect with each member as they step into and continue their fitness journeys. From getting to know you to seeing you achieve your goals we are there every step of the way; pushing and encouraging you to keep going.

We are here to provide each member with not only some of the cleanest facilities but also a unique environment in which anyone and everyone can be comfortable. Our main goal is to create and protect a Judgement Free Zone where no matter what or wherever you are on your fitness journey you can come in everyday and not feel judged and feel good about yourself. With our free fitness training no matter where you are physically you can get the help you need to reach that next step and reach that next goal. We also know that you are busy and time gets tight sometimes and it makes it seem like getting to the gym is impossible but with Planet Fitness we are open 24/7 so that even when your day gets away from you the gym won’t.

With both a Peoria (North), 83rd Ave. and Lake Pleasant, and Peoria (South), Peoria and 75th Ave., location PF is a convenient place to work out. Both North and South Peoria are over 20,000 square feet facilities with tons of equipment in each to give you everything you need to start your journey. So, come on in today to take a tour around and let the gym speak for itself. We look forward to seeing you start your journey to a healthier life here at Planet Fitness

West Valley - Business to Business Exposition - AUGUST 22nd


Business Book of the Month

August Book of the Month:  The E Myth; Revisited ; Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It:

Lesson 1: Having great technical skills does not mean you know how to run a business.

4 out of 5 small businesses never make it past the 5-year mark, which is quite a depressing statistic. Why is that?

Gerber says it’s because of the entrepreneurial myth. People think being great at a technical skill also makes you great at running a business. This is just wrong.

Being a great baker, painter or writer, does not make you good at running a business in that industry. These are two entirely different things. In fact, I just recently learned that being a good writer doesn’t even make me a good freelancer.

Once you start a business, you’re not just the person doing the technical work, all of a sudden you’re also the CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO, and a whole bunch of other things.

You have to get customers, track and manage finances, create advertising material, answer customer requests, set a strategy, and, and, and…

If all you know is how to make great coffee, then your first café is very likely to fail – after all you have no clue how to hire, outsource tasks, manage people and grow a business!

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