Weekly Newsletter 08/21/19


Up Coming Events Week of 08/21-08/31

August PCC Rush


National Senior Citizens Day Celebration

What are you doing to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day?

In honor of National Senior Citizens Day on August 21st, I am hosting a free lunch at my office, located at 23131 N Lake Pleasant Pkwy, Suite 116 @ 11am. Sponsored by Loved Ones First and Catered by Cafe Rio. 

Celebrate by bringing your parents and grandparents to this free event!!! You are guaranteed to have fun with raffles, fun giveaways and free lunch!!! RSVP required


Community Day at Uptown Jungle
08/22/2019- 12/31/2019
Members of the Chamber and Local Businesses receive 50% off admission for them and their families. Every Thursday, At Uptown Jungle we know the importance of families and work life balance and would like to have you be our guest with your family and friends. Play times start at $10


City of Peoria - Family & Youth Resource Fair


August Chamber Mixer


The Montecito's Villa Open House


Chamber Night Out With Dave & Busters!

August 28, 2019 5:30-8:30 pm
The Peoria Chamber of Commerce along with the Glendale, Buckeye, and Southwest Valley Chambers, is celebrating Dave & Buster's Annual Holiday Showcase!

Dave and Buster’s will provide a tasting of their “Higher End” foods, dessert buffet, unlimited soft drinks and a simulated game card for those attending to play on the gaming midway.  There will be a CASH bar at 6:30 pm and vendor tables to visit.

There is NO charge for this event if you are a member of at least one of the four Chambers.  If you are interested in a vendor table please RSVP as soon as possible as there are only 4 available.

We have 40 spots open for guests so RSVP is required to attend!



Coffee is for Closers!

"Our inaugural "Coffee Is for Closers" sales talk meetup at Union Coffee, was a great exchange discussing sales best practices, targeting your Ideal customer, understanding customer action commitments and the 3 types of sales work we all must do. Next session we will review opportunities verses our ideal customers and discuss lead generation and cold calling for success; or better said, preparing for "high gain" customer conversations."   
Scot Andrews CEO, Grow Business - Peoria  
powered by The Peoria Chamber of Commerce


West Valley - Business to Business Exposition - AUGUST 22nd


Business Book of the Month Lesson 3

August Book of the Month:  

Lesson 3: Build a system of systems, so your business doesn’t rely on people’s skills.

If you continue to weave the idea of systems as a constant thread in your business, you’ll end up with a system of systems, which seamlessly work together.
That means you can then go and change individual parts of each system, as long as you consider the effects on the other systems. Three kinds of systems will make up your business.

  1. Hard systems – inanimate objects like your coffee machine.
  2. Soft systems – ideas and living things, like your free cookie policy or the work attitude of your employees.
  3. Information systems – training materials and manuals, and the data you collect, for example how many customers order lattes vs. cappuccinos.

Buying a new coffee machine will of course affect the other parts, for example your employees might not like it as much as the old one and therefore make worse lattes, so customers end up ordering more cappuccinos.
Instead of doing all the work yourself, it now becomes your job to make sure the systems run smoothly together, which will also help you make sure your future franchisees are successful in running their own cafés!

Footnote: Source 4 Minute Books

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