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September Chamber Mixer

Bring (1) Raffle Item and get (1) minute to speak about your business!

Peoria Unified's Fall Field Trip

For More Information:  https://www.peoriaunified.org/

Mixer, Networking & Fundraising!

All are welcome to join us for a great evening of networking,
supporting our local Peoria Diamond Club
and watching some talented athletes trying to make
the "bigs" for spring training!


September Book of the Month


Week 3 Lesson 3

Strengthening the VISION Component of the EOS® model starts with getting the Leadership Team of the organization 100% on the same page. On most teams, each leader has a slightly different view of what the vision really is, so getting on the same page is a critical first step.

The book describes 8 Questions, that when answered and 100% agreed upon by the Leadership Team, is the VISION for the organization. This is truly as simple a business plan as possible. All too often, teams go away for 2-3 days and spend that time generating what will become a 50-page strategic plan document. How many of those wind up on a bookshelf somewhere with very little follow up or accountability?

The EOS Vision/Traction Organizer®, or V/TO®, is a simple 2-page document where the agreed upon answers to these 8 questions are captured. (Yes, a business plan in 2-pages!)

1. Core Values – These define who you are and the culture of the business. It is critical to hire people that share these core values

2. Core Focus® – Your WHY for being in business and what you are the best at.

3. 10-Year Target® - a longer range, big energizing goal that provides inspiration to everyone in the organization. Acts as a filter to “shiny objects” that might divert your attentions.

4. Marketing Strategy – a concise definition of the target market, and then the consistent message told to that audience: Your 3 Uniques®/ or differentiators, your proven process for the customers experience and your promise or guarantee.

5. 3-Year Picture® - a high level look at what the organization looks like 3 short years from now, in its journey to the 10-Year Target. This sets the stage for great 1-tear planning.

6. 1-Year Plan – Revenue, profit, key measurables and 3 to 7 goals to focus on for the upcoming year.

7. 90 Day ROCKS – Rocks are simply the most important objectives to be completed in the next 90 days. This adds focus and accountability to the next quarter, so those critical things are accomplished.

8. Issues List – This is simply a list of those things that are barriers, problems, challenges and opportunities toward achieving the goals. Getting ALL issues out of our heads and onto a list is the first step that sets the stage for prioritization and solving them for all time.

Once the leaders are 100% in agreement on these, it needs to be communicated to all employees, with an update every quarter, so that everyone in the organization believes and wants to be a part of achieving that vision. That’s 100% strong in the Vision Component!

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