March 31, 2020
Weekly Update Vol.2020

A Message from the Chamber President

March 31, 2020
Dear Members,
First and foremost, I hope you are all safe and well. 
We all know dealing with adversity should always part of a leader’s business model.  We never know when adversity may be hiding right around the corner.  Sadly, the adversity we are all currently dealing with has come so quickly, hit so hard and at such a cost to many of us professionally and personally, I know it’s tough to keep a positive attitude.   
Today, I want to share a message of hope. 
Famed college football coach Lou Holtz is fond of putting a spin on the word “Win”.  Coach Holtz challenged his players to take the word Win and break down the letters to as follows:
W = What’s
I =   Important
N = Now   
What’s Important Now for all of us as chamber members, as communities and as a nation is to be strong.  As hard as it may be to look forward – we must.  We must support one another, take advantage of the support systems and programs provided by government agencies, and educate ourselves through the many platforms available to us as to what the new world order may look like once this crisis is over.
I realize this is easier said than done.  But what’s important now is that we prepare for the future as best we can during these ever- changing times.  It will end, and the chamber is here to support you. 
I would encourage all of you to talk to your fellow chamber members and continue to engage with the support systems that are currently in place.  Dorothy is doing a great job in providing all of us daily information as well as providing ideas that we as a chamber can do to support one another.  Thank you Dorothy!  Your dedication is much appreciated.
I shared a message with my team in one of my weekly engagement emails:  Be Strong because things will get better.  It may be storming now, but it never rains forever. 
Jarod Endersbe
President, Quad Area Chamber


One Stop for Local Information for Business Owners

Eat Local a joint project of Chain of Lakes Rotary & QACC

The Rotary & Chamber are working on a project to support our local restaurants.    Watch for these soon to pop up in your area. 

We are currently reaching out to all establishments (member & non member) in the Quad Area to document any changes to services (take out and/or delivery options) as well as business hours.   

We are currently liking their Facebook pages and sharing their post on the Quad Area Chamber Facebook page.  

Are you on Facebook?    Have you liked the Chamber's Facebook Page.   We currently have 202 likes.   Help us get to 300 this week.  


Census..Did you get your mailing with ID Code?

April 1st, is Census Day!


Payroll Tax Credits for your Business

On Friday, March 20, the U.S. Treasury Department, IRS and U.S. Department of Labor announced that small and midsize employers can begin taking advantage of two new refundable payroll tax credits designed to immediately and fully reimburse them for the cost of providing COVID-19 related leave to their employees. Additional guidance, including how to claim the credits in advance, is being prepared and will be posted to the Coronavirus Tax Relief page on as soon as it is available.
Please refer to Coronavirus Tax Relief on with questions, or reach out to our office if you need assistance.
Thank you for your partnership during this unprecedented time.

Amy Johnson Korba
Outreach Director – Education and Business
Office of Senator Tina Smith
60 East Plato Boulevard |St. Paul, MN 55107
Ph:  651-221-1016 | Fax:  651-221-1078

Are you Hiring?

Good Afternoon Business Partners,
I am continually thinking about you and how much everything has changed over the past weeks. All of our lives changed and continue to change on a daily basis.  We will continue to work with all of you to provide resources and the most updated information that we have for employers.
If you are still hiring, please send me (if you haven’t since this past Friday the 20th) a one page hiring sheet that would include your logo, job position, wages, shifts, FT/PT and how individuals can apply. I just did a virtual hiring event on 03/20 where we posted 44 employers that were still hiring, and each of their hiring sheets were attached.  It went on approximately 40 community sites on Facebook around 8 counties.  We will do this again, people are still in need of work and people are focused in on social media. 
Attached Resources:
  • COVID-19 Resources for Businesses
  • Allina Press Release
We are all in this together and we will get through this together.  Anoka County is here to help in any way we can, please reach out to us. Stay well.
Thank you.
Maria Lourey-Bowen
Workforce Development Specialist
Anoka County Job Training Center
1201 89th Ave NE Blaine, MN 55434
Direct: 763-324-2317 | Fax: 763-324-2294


NOTICE: Unless restricted by law, email correspondence to and from Anoka County government offices may be public data subject to the Minnesota Data Practices Act and/or may be disclosed to third parties.

Apply online for Unemployment Benefits

It's faster - and it helps everyone!
If you find yourself needing to apply for unemployment benefits, know that we’re doing everything we can to ensure a quick, smooth process. But you can speed up that process – and help your fellow Minnesotans – by following these steps:
  1. Apply online at Our award-winning system is designed to be self-service. Just answer the questions as best you can and hit submit.
  2. Find answers to your questions without calling. Start by clicking on the word “Applicants” in the upper left corner of the Unemployment Insurance website – and select from the menu options: What do I need to know? How do I apply? How do I get paid? What affects my benefits? These are designed to answer the questions most people have.


Changes to the Community Calendar! Online Meetings & Online Event Options

Community Calendar Link

We want to be the source of all events happening in the Quad Area!

There is no charge!

Career Force - Waiting to help you & your business!

Online, Email, Phone: CareerForce Is Here to Help During This Uncertain Time

COVID-19 is changing the way we all work today. And, we know you might need guidance on a job search. We're here to help.

This is a very difficult time and many Minnesotans have been laid off. Whether you're looking for work now or thinking ahead, CareerForce has job search resources and services you can access from home.

  • Visit Virtual & Interactive Services for links to our online classes in resume writing, interviewing skills, and job search – as well as to other online resources.
  • Would you like a CareerForce representative to review your resume and provide feedback? There is no fee for our services.
  • For personalized assistance, email or call your local CareerForce location team. Find your nearest team at and use the email or phone number listed. Locations are able to serve or refer customers who call or email, even if they're closed for in-person visits.
  • If you have trouble connecting, call the CareerForce Help Desk at 651-259-7501 or email

We look forward to helping you today and in the months ahead.

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Beyond the Press Release with MN DEED Commissioner Steve Grove

How much money will come to MN from the Feds ?

Here’s how much money Minnesota will get from the $2.2 trillion federal coronavirus response bill — and what it will pay for
Minnesota and its local governments will receive more than $2 billion in direct funds — and millions more from a variety of other accounts — via the national COVID-19 response legislation passed by Congress Friday.
The state will receive $2.187 billion as its share of a $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund, which is just one part of the appropriations that could flow to state and local governments out of the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill. Of that total, $1.2 billion goes directly to the state and $984 million will be distributed to local governments.
According to an analysis by the National Conference of State Legislatures, the money from the Coronavirus Relief Fund can cover expenses incurred due to the pandemic and the revenue declines that will result from the economic impacts. The expenses cannot have been included in each state’s most-recently adopted budget, the May 2019 two-year budget for Minnesota.


CAFE Online Silent Auction

Coming Soon - The CAEF 2020 Online "Silent" Auction!!!

Saturday, April 4th from 6-8pm.

Browse our selection of fun events and great items, many donated by Centennial area craftsman and businesses.

Thank you for your continued support of the CAEF Mission to support education in our community.

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