June 16, 2020
Weekly Update Vol.2020

Quad Area Chamber Events

As I indicated last week, the Quad Area Chamber has moved into Business Recovery Mode. 

At our Board of Directors Meeting Yesterday we adopted a program offered by Chamber Nation for reasonable advertising options & set up for just $80 per year.  More information to follow when our set up is complete. 

The Board made a decision to hold on our lunch & learns until August or September. 
We will continue to monitor the situation and look at events where proper social distancing can be maintained.   Along with that, an event where there is a reservation and cost involved will need to be prepaid on line to be assured a packet or meal as indicated.   This decision was not made lightly, but in the best interest of Volunteer efficiency & record keeping & documentation for your business with receipts you can download for your records.

Member Trainings on the features of the platform will be posted on the calendar with a registration link starting in July.   These trainings will help you maximize the value of your membership..   

We are looking to restart our Morning Networking Group with a Virtual Event.   If you have any interested in sponsoring these, or have ideas of what you would like to get out of this, or what they mean to you, please contact: Execdirector@quadareachamber.org.    In your email, please provide an ideal time to get back to you.   

Stay informed, stay safe and let's recover together. 


Food Truck Schedule for Chomonix Golf Course

Quad Area Chamber - Updating Navigation and Information on Website

We are busy, life is a challenge and we want you to be able to find in one spot the resources you need to succeed!

We want to assist you with getting your business documented in the local area. 

Check out the website at www.quadareachamber.org to find these benefits for you!


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