July 7, 2020
Weekly Update Vol.2020

From the Chamber Office

We trust that each of you had a safe and fun Holiday Weekend!

For me, I spent the weekend moving into my new home.   It was a little HOT & HUMID for me, but it was nice and cool in the house.  

In the transition it was difficult to get a Weekly Update Out, but we are ready to get back to work!

Some exciting things to help your business recover & grow!    Last week, I participated in a training session with other Chamber Executives and the Developer of our Chamber Nation Software.    They were sharing that many Chambers are learning that they can function well and much more cost effectively, without the bricks and mortar expense.   It just may become the new norm and we've got that all figured out!

Remember..we are a resource for the Community & Your Business!

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QACC requesting Paid Member Vote by July 15th on Updated Logo!

In-spite of the crazy world of first half 2020 your Quad Area Chamber Board has been busy, learning and adapting to a new way of doing business and supporting our members.    As we adjust our programs, and put together plans to help the businesses in all 4 communities recover and grow, we decided to start with a fresh logo and brand.  A local graphic artist has offered us 4 options .



Option #1

The letter ‘Q’ (taken from the word ‘Quad’) is constructed from the four community colors representing Centerville, Circle Pines, Lexington and Lino Lakes.  The tail of the letter ‘Q’ is in the form of an upward arrow, signifying that the four communities are growing and aiming toward the same goals together.


Option #2

The addition of an upward chevron to the first design emphasizes  stronger movement toward common goals among the four communities.  


Option #3


The four prominent, symbolically colored squares emphasize a strong relationship between the communities.  The ‘Q’ is constructed from negative space, with its tail rendered as a prominent upward arrow signifying growth and progress toward common goals.


Option #4


The four angular, tree-shaped ‘Q’s are rendered in a way that evokes a sense of neighborhood and community growth.  The diamond shapes further express upward movement and progress.

Please Record Your Selection Here!

July 25th! Join Our Community Efforts

Chain of Lakes Rotary, City of Lino Lakes & Quad Area Chamber Join forces for 2020 Blue Heron Days Events

Centennial Dance Team takes major fundraiser on line.

Check out their Facebook Page  HERE!
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