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July is thе seventh month оf the year (bеtwееn Junе and Auguѕt) in thе Julіаn аnd Grеgоrіаn Cаlеndаrѕ аnd оnе оf ѕеvеn mоnthѕ wіth the lеngth оf 31 dауѕ.

Hеrе are thе 10 іntеrеѕtіng fасtѕ аbоut people who аrе born іn Julу. Tаkе note of thеѕе іf уоu оr your frіеndѕ аrе born in this mоnth.Julу

1. Thеу Prіоrіtіzе Fаmіlу
Family fіrѕt іѕ thеіr mаіn рrіnсірlе іn life. They nеvеr assert themselves in certain things wіthоut taking thеіr family іntо ассоunt. Thеу wаnt nоthіng but the bеѕt fоr their fаmіlу.

2. They Usually Aсt As Calm Aѕ Pоѕѕіblе
In a nоrmаl dау ѕсеnаrіо, you wіll fіnd thеm vеrу саlm аnd rеlаx іn dеаlіng wіth ѕеvеrаl thіngѕ іn thеіr еvеrуdау lіvіng. You will nеvеr see them rаttlеd unlеѕѕ thеу аrе in a very pressuring аnd соmрrоmіѕіng situation.

3. Extrеmеlу Curіоuѕ
Men and women born in July аrе еxtrеmеlу curious іn nature. Hеnсе, it wіll bе juѕt nоrmаl to ѕее and hear them asking ѕоmе ԛuеѕtіоnѕ аbоut ѕоmеthіng. They wоn’t еvеn ѕtор untіl thеу hеаr thе аnѕwеrѕ that wіll ѕаtіѕfу thеm.

4. They Fоrgеt Thоѕе Bаd Exреrіеnсеѕ as Time Gоеѕ By
When thеу are hurt bу ѕоmеоnе or fruѕtrаtеd by a сеrtаіn thіng, rеѕt аѕѕurеd they саn fоrgеt еvеrуthіng іn due time. Taking rеvеngе іѕ not their сuр оf tеа. Hоwеvеr, thіѕ doesn’t mean thеу wоuld mаkе frіеndѕ wіth уоu аgаіn.

5. They’re Vеrу Sеnѕіtіvе
Thеу саn bе easily hurt even by a simple joke. While they know it is only a joke, thеу can’t аvоіd thіnkіng аbоut іt, аnd taking іt seriously.



2020 Virtual Dark Sky Festival

A nighttime landscape:08/09/2015 Alison Taggart-Barone

Friday through Saturday, August 14 - 15, 2020
Join us in celebrating all that is out of this world at Lassen's first virtual Dark Sky Festival. There will be no on-site events in 2020 due to COVID-19 response,
however you can still explore from your own spot under the night sky. https://www.nps.gov/lavo/planyourvisit/dark-sky.htm


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Job Board

UDSA jobs available! 
Click here to search jobs by location! 

Bailey Creek Bar and Grill Food and Beverage Server
Bailey Creek Golf Course & Cottages
Part-time · $13 / hour

Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center
Executive Director
591 Main St, Quincy, California 95971

Sierra Hospice
Inventory Associate
Part-time · $12 / hour
684 Main St, Chester, CA 96020, United States

PictureOC Painting division of Olah Construction has immediate openings for painters.
Pay based on experience; must have reliable transportation. Call 258-4810 for more information 

Did you know you can also find and submit jobs on Facebook as well 
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Street Rod Show

Don't forget to register for the 34th Annual Street Rod Extravaganza. 
You can register now and pay later! 

Mountain Valley Living - Published July 20

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Plumas News

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Northstate Wildfires

LAVO Information, NPS

Caldwell Fire in Lava Beds National Monument began on July 22 is at
11,860 acres as of Sunday, July 26, is 0% contained and the park remains closed.  


NPS photo by fire lookout Ranger Wendy of the view of the Caldwell Fire
as seen from the Schonchin Butte fire lookout approximately 8:00 p.m. on 7/24/2020.

Gold Fire
The gold fire is burning near the junction of California Route 139 and Lassen County Road A-2 near the community of Adin.
It began on July 20 and is 45% contained. It has burned about 21,870 acres.

Hog Fire
The fire is burning along California State Highway 44, about five miles west of Susanville. It began on July 18 and has burned 9,545 acres and is 52% contained.
County Road A-1 is closed from North of the water tanks. Hwy 44 and 36 are re-opened.

The Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail is closed from the Devil's Corral Trailhead west to the Mason Station Trailhead.  
The trail is open from Susanville west to Devil's Corral,  Users can expect to see heavy fire traffic.


Please remember to complete our survey on how your business is managing during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We want to know if government policies such as the PPP (Payment Protection Program) are adequately addressing your needs and any other challenges you face. 

Over seven thousand California small businesses have already responded. Do not miss this opportunity to help us better understand your needs and prepare the resources necessary for supporting your business in these uncertain times.  
The survey takes between 10 to 12 minutes to complete. Your responses are entirely confidential and no information on individual businesses will be disclosed or revealed in any way.

Take the Survey

Follow this link to the Survey:

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:


We appreciate your time and support in completing this survey. 

Peninsula Fire District

Chief Pini

Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Distribution for Local Businesses

Disposable masks and hand sanitizer allocated by the State have been made available to small businesses in Plumas County at no cost.  They will be distributed to  Chester/Lake Almanor Area businesses that would like or need them on Thursday August 6th, 2020, 9 - 12 pm. at the Chester Memorial Hall, 225 Gay Street Chester CA 96020. 

These supplies have been made available to California small businesses through the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) in collaboration with the Office of  the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA). For additional small business resources, visit www.business.ca.gov.

We thank Chamber member, Alliance for Workforce Development for facilitating this effort to support small businesses in our area.

Note from the Director

Chelssa Outland

The Chamber's Mission is “to be a catalyst for connecting and collaborating with our businesses, government, and the community to foster a vibrant, thriving economy and community”.  We do this by offering vehicles for communication such as our newsletter, and assisting members in promoting themselves as well. 

We encourage all of our business members to send us emails or requests in order to assist them in publicizing their business, needs or events. This is something we offer every business member without discrimination. 

We can help share information via emails, newsletters, social media our website and more. 
Let us know what information you need help disseminating. 

Small Business Expo

Virtual Small Business Expo August 4-5 10AM-7:30PM
  • FREE TO ATTEND - Online Virtual Show!
  • Attend over 20 FREE Business Webinars to help grow your business
  • Meet Virtually with other Businesses in our popular Networking Sessions
  • Browse our Virtual Exhibitor Hall with products/services to help your business
  • Virtually Network with thousands of entrepreneurs, start-ups & business owners

Seneca Healthcare District Offering COVID Testing

Lyndsey Theobald, Marketing and PR Officer

Good Afternoon All,
We will be hosting our next Free Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing at SHD next Tuesday, August 4 from 9AM – 11AM.
Registration is this Friday, July 31 from 9am – 2pm. To register call 530-283-6188. Individuals must register to be tested during this event. More details in the flier attached! Please share.
Thank you,

See attached Flyer for more information!

Raffle Event

We had amazing feedback from our previous raffle event and would like to offer another raffle event over Labor Day weekend. 

We are thinking that this next raffle event it would be fun to put together activity/experience type packages. 

If you would like to be involved in this raffle as a business please reach out to Chelssa at the Chamber. 

Chester Holiday Market, Lake Almanor Ace Hardware, Sierra's Fly & Tackle, B&B Booksellers, Tom Wallick Pottery, Gather Home, The Sports Nut, and Lake Bum Lake Wear. 

We appreciate each and one of you! 

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Town Chatter - July 2020, Volume 5