January 2021, Volume 2
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Job Board


Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director
Turner Excavating, Inc.
Full-time Office Assistant
Hamilton Branch

Sierra Institute for Community and Environment in Quincy has two openings. Please check link for job descriptions. https://sierrainstitute.us/about/jobs/
UDSA jobs available
Click here to search jobs by location! 
Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center
Executive Director
591 Main St., Quincy
Sierra Hospice
Inventory Associate
Part-time · $12/hour
684 Main St., Chester
NAPA Auto Parts - Northern California
Counterperson, Delivery Driver - Chester Auto Parts
Full-time. 445 Main St., Chester
Dollar General
Sales Associate, Chester
376 Main St., Chester
Alliance for Workforce Development
Accounting Technician
Full-time. www.afwd.org
Sierra Institute, Taylorsville
Rural Community Development Project Specialist
Start January 2021. 
More information
Almanor Energy Plus
HVAC Installer
Seneca Healthcare District 
Check out openings 
Best Western Rose Quartz Inn
Job Opening


Each week The Town Chatter will feature a trivia answer (like Jeopardy, RIP Alex) about the Greater Lake Almanor Basin. The question and winner will be announced in the following weeks issue. Thanks so much to Brenda Lemons, owner of The Coffee Station, for sponsoring this month’s prize of $3.00 off your next purchase.

Your first answer: This currently land-locked train engine assisted in the building of the dam at Lake Almanor and was once submerged under the waters of Butt Lake.

Please send your answer to  Trivia@LakeAlmanorArea.com and we will email you your coupon.

*If interested in being a sponsor, please contact katherine@sansoneplus.com or call 510.418.2466.

About Us

Chamber Board Meetings are at 8:30 am on the 2nd TUESDAY of each month in the Chamber office at 278 Main Street. All are welcome. Zoom is available.

The Chamber's Community Calendar is open to all. CLICK HERE. Go to the bottom of the page and look for SUBMIT HERE.
Lake Almanor Area Chamber
278 Main St., Chester
P.O. Box 1098  96020

Bits & Pieces

On January 3rd John and Deb Crotty hosted Randy McBride, Director of Operations for Wild West Bass Tours, at their Quail Lodge Inn. Randy was in the area to survey the potential for a bass tournament at Lake Almanor.  Dates have been set for April 23, 24, 25 of 2021.  

Scott Devereaux, GM for Lake Almanor Country Club announced the hiring of Food and Beverage Manager Jason Theobold for Clifford’s Restaurant. Some of you may know Jason from his time as the owner/operator of The Old Mill Cafe in Westwood. Jason brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry.

Feather River Tourism Association welcomes any business interested in news and information about the newly formed Marketing District to subscribe to their News & Updates publication.  Click here to subscribe.

Ryan Newel of Intermountain Hardware (Ayoobs) announced that the store is now a shipping location for UPS.

The beautiful team of women from Lassen Gifts wish all a Happy New Year from the beautiful team of women from Lassen Gifts in Chester. The store will be closed from January 10 through February 4 and hope to see all their loyal shoppers when they re-open.

News from Seneca

Chelssa Outland 

Due to COVID-19 policies and procedures, a visit to the clinic may look a little different than it has in past.  When taking a trip to the clinic this season make sure to bring a coat.

The doors to the clinic are locked so that all people entering the facility can be screened prior to entry. Once you reach the doors to the clinic please ring the bell which is a white button located on the door. Ringing the bell alerts the medical office staff that someone is at the door. Please be patient in waiting for this person to come as they may be assisting another person and will be with you as soon as possible. Once the medical office staff has reached the door, they will step outside with you to do a screening, which includes taking your temperature, a short questionnaire in regards to common COVID-19 symptoms and confirming that you have an appropriate mask (no exhalation valves allowed). If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you to wear while within the facility.  Find out more information here: 123120-What-to-Expect-Clinic-Visit.pdf (senecahospital.org)

Chelssa Outland 

Marketing & PR Officer

New Year, New Routine

Kelly, O’Brien, Lake Almanor Fitness

For 2021, I want to encourage everyone to keep their health and fitness a priority. Providing weekly fitness tips is my way of coaxing everyone to start with just one goal a week to begin your journey to overall wellness. Staying healthy and fit helps all of us be more successful in our relationships, work, and community. 

Week one: 150 minutes of exercise per week. Break it down to 40 minutes four days per week, 30 minutes 5 days a week, or however it works to suit your schedule. Your exercise is your choice, whether exercising to a video on YouTube, outside run or walk, going to the gym, line dancing, just make yourself move. It all counts for those 150 minutes

Kelly O'Brien, Owner

Almanor Fishing, Weather & Lake Report

John Crotty, Almanor Fishing Association


The water level on Almanor has increased by 3/10ths of a foot since last week’s report. We have a 20% chance of showers Tuesday through Tuesday night otherwise our weather is going to provide ideal fishing conditions for the next seven days with lows in the mid-20s and day time highs reaching into the low 50’s.  Water clarity is unchanged and surface temps remain around the 40 degree mark. 

Fishing pressure remains light with the majority of the fishermen targeting fish from shore. Hamilton Branch and the coves around the dam are seeing the most fishermen with the top choice of bait remains to be power bait and crawlers. Most of the fish caught are of the smaller size with a few mature fish thrown in the mix. 

Our roadways are in great shape and the Canyon Dam boat ramp is open and clear. If you are planning on taking advantage of the weather over the next few days, I would recommend you begin trolling right at the Canyon Dam ramp and head down either shore line. I have heard reports of fish caught fast and slow trolling in that area. Crawlers or gulps at one mph just off the bottom in 40’ of water or hardware 15-20’ on the wire both caught fish (red/gold, cop car and wonder bread speedy shiners). Arctic Fox trolling flies trolling at 1.7-2 mph with a wiggle disc in front will also work. 

The flies are far more effective when you are working the rod but it’s just tough to do at this time of year. I have a few rods set up for the flies that I always carry on my boat. I set mine up on one of Duncan McIntyre’s 8’ spiral wrapped trolling rods and an ABU 5500 reel. I will spool some braid or 20# mono first, then three to five colors of 15# lead core followed by 90’ of 10# mono, a small P-line swivel, four to five feet 6# leader and your fly of choice. I have found the double uni knot the easiest and most effective knot for attaching lead core to either braid or mono. Just remember to remove the lead from the area that you tie your knot. That exact set up is my preferred set up on Eagle Lake. 

Arctic Fox sells a product called top-line that legendary Eagle Lake fisherman Jay Fair perfected; it consists of 100 yards of 20# braid, 100’ of .029” floating line, ½ color 18# lead-core, 20’ of 10# mono and 5’8# mono. No knots to tie just attach to your reel.

If you enjoy winter fishing this week is setting up to be a good one. Come on up and enjoy beautiful Plumas County, Lake Almanor and our spectacular fishery.

Update from The Sierra Small Business Development Center

The Sierra Small Business Development Center is located in Truckee, CA and service Plumas, Lassen, and Modoc Counties providing free one-on-one counseling to small businesses.  In addition, the Sierra SBDC offers free trainings and workshops for small businesses.  


Please go to www.sierrasbdc.com to view our website for services.  Click on Calendar at the top, then click on the FREE workshop or webinar description of your choice.  The following is the list for January 2021:


Jan. 12:  Business Creator:  Transforming your vision into reality.

Jan. 13:  Webinar – Digital Marketing Hour:  Creating a FB Group for your business.

Jan. 13:  How to Do Business with the State of California.

Jan.14:  Norcal SBDC Finance Center Presents:  Owning and Investing in Real Estate for Small Businesses.

Jan. 14:  Starting Your Business.

Jan. 20:  Norcal SBDC Finance Center Presents:  Disaster Relief Loan Updates and CASEFORCE.

Jan. 21:  Become a Wildland Firefighting Vendor – Forest Service Procurement.

Jan. 21:  Planning Your Business.

Jan. 21:  Norcal SBDC Presents:  Expansion Capital for Profitable Businesses more than 
Two Years Old.

Jan. 21:  Restaurant Survival Strategies 2021:  A Panel Discussion.

Jan. 26:  Accessing Emergency Capital Through COVID-19.

Jan. 27:  Marketing and Branding Food Business Incubator – Five Part Series.

Jan. 28:  Norcal SBDC Finance Center Presents:  Accessing Capital for Small Businesses and Startups.

Jan. 28:  Starting a Food Truck Business:  How the Rubber Meets the Road.



The State of California is offering $475 million for Small Business COVID-19 Grant Relief!  These are grant awards of $5,000, $15,000, and $25,000 depending upon your gross income.  Go to https://careliefgrant.com and apply.  The first half-round ends on January 13, 2021, but the second half-round will be coming soon.


If you have questions or problems getting registered for the Workshops or COVID-19 Relief Grant, please contact me at clint.koble@gmail.com or (775) 843-4081.

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Town Chatter - January 2021, Volume 2