June 2021, Volume 1
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Camping at Lake Almanor

Tina Davis

Memorial Day weekend historically kicks off the camping season, and this year promises to be a big one as campers and recreationists take advantage of loosened Covid-19 restrictions. Around Lake Almanor the resorts and campgrounds are filling up reservations quickly - click this link to find your spot https://www.lakealmanorarea.com/camp--rv.html, or go to www.lakealmanorarea.com. Additionally, below is a link to Plumas National Forest recreation information. Please remember to put out all campfires, keep mindful of  'pack it in, pack it out', and follow all campground rules. Have fun out there!


Calendar of Events Import

Ayoob's Intermountain Hardware 75th Anniversary!

Community Town Hall

Lake Almanor's Farmers Market

Turner Excavating, Inc Presents Sips & Stones

3rd Annual Professional Artisans Cooperative Art & Craft Marketplace

Annual Mile High 100 Road Bike Event

3rd Annual Professional Artisans Cooperative Art & Craft Marketplace

Seneca Healthcare District 2021 Wellness Screening
06/23/2021- 06/24/2021

Lake Almanor's Farmers Market

Veteran's Fishing Day on Lake Almanor

Taylorsville 4th of July Silver Buckle Rodeo and Jackpot Roping
06/30/2021- 07/04/2021

Seneca Healthcare District 2021 Wellness Screening
06/30/2021- 07/01/2021

Lake Almanor's Farmers Market

Turner Excavating, Inc Presents Sips & Stones

4th of July Parade, Main Street Chester

Fireworks Spectacular Over Lake Almanor

4th of July Chester Classic Fun Run

4th of July Craft Fair

Lake Almanor's Farmers Market

Professional Artisans Cooperative Art & Craft Marketplace

Professional Artisans Cooperative Art & Craft Marketplace

Lake Almanor's Farmers Market

Lake Almanor's Farmers Market

Professional Artisans Cooperative Art & Craft Marketplace

2021 Lake Almanor Poker Paddle Water Run

Professional Artisans Cooperative Art & Craft Marketplace

Lake Almanor's Farmers Market

Annual Fishing Assoc. BBQ & Fundraiser

Almanor Art Show

Chester Library Book Sale
07/31/2021- 08/01/2021

Register/Sponsor a Float for the 2021 4th of July Parade!

Registration for all 4th of July floats and vendors is available!

When: Sunday, July 4, 2021 at 11am
Where: Collins Pine Park on Main Street to the Meadow

Register for Floats or Register to be a Vendor Here or call 530-258-2426 

If you don't have time to work on a float, but would like to sponsor one, please call 530-258-2426.

Don't forget to purchase your 4th of July t-shirts here!

Thank you Community Partners and Platinum Sponsors for sponsoring the 4th of July Parade and Fireworks!
Community Partners
Coldwell Banker Kehr-O'Brien
Collins Pine
Rouland Insurance
Seneca Healthcare District

Platinum Sponsors
Lake Almanor Ace Hardware
Ayoob's Intermountain Hardware
Olah Construction

Town Trivia

No winners this week to answer: The highest Hike in Lassen Park  The correct question: What is the Lassen Peak Trail?

Answer this week: Homer Flint

Thank you Ace Hardware for being our Town Trivia sponsor this week offering a $10 gift certificate.  

Please send your question to Trivia@lakealmanorarea.com.

Looking for sponsors for Town Trivia! Get your company name and logo in Town Chatter for four consecutive weeks. Contact katherine@sansoneplus.com.  

Please note: only emails received after release of Town Chatter Wednesday am will be considered.  Send your question to Trivia@lakealmanorarea.com on or after each Wednesday of publication. We are always looking for sponsors for Town Trivia. If interested, please contact katherine@sansoneplus.com.

Job Board

Employment and Career Opportunities

The Greater Lake Almanor Basin offers a variety of seasonal, part and full-time positions for those seeking employment. Please check out the link below and discover how fun and rewarding a career or job in this beautiful area can be. 

Weekly Featured Job 

Amazing Opportunities at Sierra Institute - Join our 2021 Summer Crews now! 10 Field Positions available! Located Indian Valley and/or Lassen Volcanic National Park. Email jobs@sierrainstitute.us, call 530.284.1022 or visit https://sierrainstitute.us/about/jobs/ today. 

Our Newest Chamber Members & Sponsors

We are pleased to share several new members to the Chamber Community, as well as those signing on as Community Partners or Platinum Sponsors. Our members support the work we do for our businesses and create an active, thriving community.

Welcome to Our Newest Chamber Members

Pizza Factory

Watkins Pet Supply

Thank you to our newest $1,000 Platinum Sponsors

Olah Construction

Learn more here about becoming a member, or how to sponsor or become a partner of the work of the Chamber in our Community.

About Us

The Town Chatter is made possible through the funding of our Community Partners:

Collins Pine
Coldwell Banker Kehr/O'Brien Real Estate
Rouland Insurance
Seneca Healthcare District.

Chamber Board Meetings are at 8:30 am on the 2nd TUESDAY of each month in the Chamber office at 278 Main Street. All are welcome. Zoom is available.

Lake Almanor Area Chamber
278 Main St., Chester
P.O. Box 1198  96020


Bits & Pieces

Cal-Fire Suspends Burn Permits. The CALFIRE Lassen-Modoc Unit will suspend burning on Monday, June 1st 2021 for Plumas County. This year we received positive feedback on our online burn permit process. We were pleased to finally be able to provide this service to the residents living in the state responsibility areas of Lassen, Modoc and Plumas Counties. When we do allow burning again with a permit, permits can be obtained at https://burnpermit.fire.ca.gov/.

Prescribed Burn. The Lassen National Forest Almanor Ranger District will be conducting 200 acres of prescribed fire starting within a few weeks. The prescribed fire will occur around the Domingo Springs Campground, Feather River homesites and Willow Creek homesites areas. These prescribed burns will be part of a larger 1,800-acre project stretching from Domingo Springs through the east side of Warner Valley and surrounding Fleischman Lake. This ongoing Warner Defensible Fuel Profile Zone project provides and promotes a healthy fire-resistant fuel break while reintroducing fire back into its natural ecosystem. See full article in Plumas News (link)

Outdoor Movie Night at Chester High School. For Chester High Students only. June 4, 8 pm to 10:30 PM. Free admission & popcorn! Candy and drinks $1.00

Music. Adventure. Camp. Food. Choir Camp July 19 - 25.  Singers of all abilities are invited to St. Andrews' week-long summer choir summer camp. www.standrewsalmanor.org/summer-choir-camp-2021/

Fun Run postponed to 2022. Almanor Recreation and Parks District reports regrettably, that the annual 4th of July Chester Classic Fun run will not be held this year.  They are looking forward to its return in 2022 as a Bigger and Better Run!

Chester Library Book Sale

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. July 31st AND August 1st, 9:00am – 3:00pm. Located at the Chester Library parking Lot. There will be a large variety of categorized books in good condition. Proceeds go to Children’s Programs and The Literacy Program

Rouland Insurance on your 'Fire Line Score'

Tina Davis

Rouland Insurance is the latest Almanor Basin business to support the Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce with a Community Partnership! Bob and Linda Rouland have owned and operated Rouland Insurance as a Farmer’s Insurance Subsidiary for 39 years and are still going strong. Their office houses 4 agents besides themselves, and one very sweet dog. 

Since wildfire season will be upon us before we know it,  Bob offered some details regarding fire insurance. Homeowners will want to be prepared, just in case. Fire insurance is typically done state-by-state and goes by a ‘Fire Line Score’ of 1-15. Most companies will only write a policy for scores under 3 - scores above 4 are considered a high fire risk. Scores are based on several factors, including slope of the lot, access to the property, building construction materials, and the all-important vegetation and defensible space. If your score is in the 4-15 range, you can still get insurance but it will be a limited policy through the California Fair program. These policies cover specific events and do not provide blanket coverage, so in addition you might need a supplemental plan. Take a walk around your property and assess the situation - you might find you need to do a little vegetation clearing and reviewing of your current policy. If Rouland is your agent, get in touch with them for any questions! Bob and LInda, thank you so much for your many years of service, and your support of the Chamber!

Weather, Lake Almanor & Fishing Report

John Crotty, Almanor Fishing Association

This past week AFA assisted Chester Elementary School students on their youth fishing day. On the day prior to fishing California Fish and Wildlife dropped 4,000 pounds of two to the pound rainbows for the kids. The weather was fantastic and the kids had a great time as did us volunteers. To top the day off AFA gave every participating student a new fishing rod, in fact AFA will be awarding every fourth grader in Plumas County a fishing rod! As you can see by the smiles on these kids faces they enjoyed their day and hopefully will enjoy the sport of fishing for the rest of their young lives.

AFA is honored and humbled to assist California Fish and Wildlife and Plumas County Schools and introduce the sport of fishing to the youth of Plumas County.

AFA would like to thank CF&W and Plumas County Fisheries Biologist Amber Mouser for our partnership. CF&W and AFA have worked together since 1985 to enhance and promote the sport of fishing in Plumas County. A special thanks to Duncan McIntyre and Dave and Mark Banta for our friendship and Dave and Marks generosity. To Mark at Sierra Fly and Tackle for his donation of fishing gear and lastly to the dedicated volunteers of the Almanor Fishing Association.

Support the work of the Almanor Fishing Association.  Become a Member Today!

The Almanor Foundation Making Big Strides

Katherine Sansone

The Almanor Foundation, founded as the steward of local initiatives of the greater lake Almanor Basin, is continuing to make progress; and currently in the process of interviewing board members. “The make-up of a board and the active participation of the members is key to the success of a Foundation” explains Judith Chynoweth, board member and acting Chair. In addition to Chynoweth, members include Shawn McKenzie, CEO, Seneca Hospital, Susan Bryner, President of Lake Almanor Area Chamber, Director of the Feather River Tourism Association and representative of Coldwell Banker, and Carla Parsons, Edward Jones. The steering committee is seeking a total of seven members and hopes to have a board in place by the end of June. 

Launching the “Lake Life” Campaign

What better way to celebrate the “Lake Life” than hanging a beautiful print of the lake on your wall . . . sending a lovely postcard to friends or “sticking it” with a fun decal?  The marketing team has created a print of a stylized rendition of Lake Almanor accompanied by complimentary postcards and stickers.  

You can support our foundation and what we have identified ourselves as the “can-do-community,” with the purchase of the following “Lake Life” packages for the suggested pricing:
$100                    $50                    $25
11x14 print            8x10 print          5 postcards
5 postcards            5 postcards        5 stickers
5 stickers               5 stickers

Look for launch at the first Farmer’s Market June 17th.  For other locations where to purchase, please visit www.TheAlmanorFoundation.org/Donate

After School Program for 21-22 School Year

Community Wellness Screenings in June

Chelssa Outland

The annual Community Wellness Screenings hosted by Seneca Healthcare District and Sponsored by Seneca Hospital Auxiliary are coming up at the end of this month. The Community Wellness Screenings offers low-cost blood draws and low-cost imaging studies. Please review the following for more information. 

The 2021 Community Wellness Screenings will take place on the following dates and times: 
  • Wednesday, June 23, 7:00 am - 9:30 am
  • Thursday, June 24, 7:00 am - 9:30 am
  • Wednesday, June 30, 7:00 am - 9:30 am
  • Thursday, July 1, 7:00 am - 9:30 am
Offsite at 372 Main Street, Chester Ca (The building behind the Chester Wellness Center also referred to at the ABC Center) 

What will be available:
 Blood Draws: $60.00 (No appointment necessary) 
Requires 10-12 hour fasting (water is allowed during the fasting period) 
  • CBC-Complete Blood Count without differential 
  • CMP-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 
  • LIPIDS-Total cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, direct LDL cholesterol (Cardiac Risk) 
  • TSH-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 
***Men - Total PSA testing may be added for an additional $20.00***
Low-Cost Imaging Studies  
  • Osteoporosis Screening by Limited DEXA Scan: $110.00 
  • Imaging Studies will be scheduled during the Wellness Screening. 
Payment methods: 

Additional Information: 
Wellness Testing and Exams Reports will be sent to the primary care provider indicated on lab request forms. Patients may request a copy from Medical Records by calling 530-258-2383. Seneca Healthcare District requests that individuals make an appointment with their primary care physician for questions regarding their results. For more information please direct calls to our HR Manager at 530-258-2159. 

Download Flyer Here

SBC June 2021 Webinar Schedule (FREE)

Clint Koble

Register for these Free Webinars Here! (Link)


June 2021 Webinar Schedule (FREE)

June 3 - Marketing Your Business:  Thursday from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.
    Learn the fundamentals of marketing and how best to apply those principles to empower you to create your own marketing efforts for your small business.

June 9  Webinar, Digital Marketing Hour -Twitter 101:  Wednesday from 9 am to 10 am.    Learn to embrace digital technology and marketing as a means to communicate with customers.

June 10 - Financial Management for your Business: Thursday 10:00 am to 11:00 am.
    This webinar is designed to help startups and existing entrepreneurs understand the most important aspects of financial management for small businesses.  Will review the three most important financial statements for any small business.

June 14 - Wine Service Techniques:  Monday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
    Service is much more than performing proficiently; it’s an attitude and your sales will increase with mastery.  Learn the roles and conduct of the tasting room host, responsible alcohol service, and the proper wine handling mechanics.

June 15 - Strategies for Fire Season and Smoke Tainted Wines: Thursday:  1pm to 2pm.    Learn to prepare for fire season in the vineyard and winery.

June 17 - Starting Your Business – Part 1 & 2:  Thursday: 10:00 am to 11:30 am.
    A brief intro to entrepreneurship and what goes into creating and starting a new business.

June 18 - Starting Your Business – Part 1 & 2:  Friday: 10:00 am to 11:30 am.
    A brief intro to entrepreneurship and what goes into creating and starting a new business.

June 21 - Restaurant Wine 101:  4 Class Series:  M,T, W, Th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.    Designed for restaurant owners and managers who want to get a better grasp on the beverage program at their restaurant; how to speak effectively about wine and other beverages with their guests; and to sell (more) wine at the table.

June 24 - Planning Your Business:  Thursday:  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
    Create a business plan that meets your needs. Businesses are 6 times MORE successful with a plan.

Town Chatter - June 2021, Volume 1