December 2014

New Board Members

Four new faces will join the Chamber Board in January. Greg Lake, Darla Parks, Bobby Fite, and Sharon Hodges have been elected as the class of 2017. Each brings new talent and enthusiasm to our organiztion and they are eager to begin service. We want to extend a special thanks to outgoing directors Robert dela Cruz, Carla Purcella, Kim Middleton, and Myron Grantham. They have all served faitfully and have done a great job helping to guide your Chamber. These four will be recognized at the upcoming Banquet in February.

Winding Down

As we apporach the end of 2014, we want to thank all of our Chamber Members for your onging support of this organization. As we reflect on the year, we would have to say that we had a successful year and that most of our goals and objectives have been attained. Brenda Fuentes has been an outstanding President and has served you with dignity and grace. She has been a true leader and a real "trooper" for our annual projects. Please take the time to contact Brenda at HTFCU and tell here how much you appreciate her leadership. As we prepare for 2015 we hope that you will reaffirm your commitment to Chamber activity and become involved in our program. There are many exciting things to come for Hereford in the future and we hope you will help us "Make Hereford Better."  This is such a wonderful community and we have much to be thankful for. Our intention is to keep putting our best foot forward and continue as one of the leading communities in the Panhandle. With your help and participation, we can achieve just about anything we set our mind to and Hereford will be a better place to live and do business.

Please Forward

We request that you forward the newsletter to others in your business or office. The letter is sent to the recipient on file and does not always get to everyone. So when you receive the newsletter, please forward to others in your business.

Many, Many, Many Thanks

To everyone involved in making Hereford's Christmas Celebration of Lights shuch a success. What a wonderful venue and doesn't the park look nice? We simply could not produce this event without the assistance from the City of Hereford. These folks go way above and beyond to make this meaninful for our citizens. Many hours of hard work from setting up lights in the park to traffic control and escort and safety for everyone. Your City employees do it all and with such efficiency and enthusiasm. SO, give a pat on the back to those folks when you see them. Tell them how thankful you are to have such a wonderful event. Express your appreciation to them for their hard work and dedication. We are pretty lucky to have a great staff at City Hall. Again, THANK YOU very much.

Have a Merry Christmas

We hope you all enjoy the season and family at Christmas time. We wish each of you the success of a New Year and the Joy and Spirit of Christmas.
DSC Volunteer - December 2014