Email solicitation is NOT OURS

Chamber of Commerce

We are sending you this urgent notification that we have received a solicitation by email from a company wanting to send their business professionals list. We want you to know that we have not in any way exchanged information with them. They have solicited a few of our Chamber members. We have replied to them that we wanted to unsubscribe to their solicitations and to NOT use the Chamber's name in any other solicitations. I am attaching a copy of the solicitation that we received so that you will know what you are looking for if you receive it. PLEASE KNOW THAT IF YOU RECEIVE SOLICITATION FROM ANY UNKNOWN SOURCES THAT WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT AND THAT WE ARE NOT SENDING THEM TO YOU. WE WILL ALWAYS NOTIFY YOU IF WE HAVE ANYONE EVER CALLING ON YOU ON OUR BEHALF.