Get Behind our Local Businesses

Now More Than Ever They Need Your Support

Chamber of Commerce

Our local businesses need your support. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the Governor's Reopen Texas Plan. To the extent that there will be many businesses beginning to open their doors now to the public, you play an important role in helping Texas to start getting reopened. These small businesses in particular deserve your business and we hope you will patronize them by attempting to frequent their locations and purchasing their products and services. If need be, call ahead and let them know you're coming and they will be ready to make you feel comfortable and safe. How about visiting a restaurant for dine in or take out (either way is great)? How about calling the repair shop and getting your repairs made? Or how about calling or visiting a local retailer and checking on that special item you may need? NOW, MORE THAN EVER, it is time for us to shop local and help our businesses. These are the same folks who support all local programs and now it's time for us to help them recover during these difficult times. We trust that you will all do your part and SHOP LOCAL GOING FORWARD.
DSC Volunteer - Get Behind our Local Businesses