Search Tags: MLH helps families through peer-to-peer support group meetings, educational programs, connecting families with resources, accredited visiting programs, care bags for families in the hospital, ongoing communication, awareness activities and advocating on issues that affect children with heart defects. MLH is a volunteer-led and run organization. MLH resources go directly to local families in the communities we serve., MLH helps families by providing a Parent Pantry in the cardiac unit at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. It is set up for families of critical children, long term resident families or for those cannot afford it. We stock the pantry with items such as soup, ramen noodles, ravioli, granola bars, crackers, boxed microwave meals, chips, nuts, water flavor packets, etc. The goal is for parents to be able to grab a quick meal or snack without leaving their child. Bravery Bags and Heart Catheterization bags are given to children and their families that have undergone an open heart surgery or heart catheterization. In the bags we include items that will help make their stay a little easier. Items include toiletries, coloring book, crayons, notebooks, snacks, helpful information about MLH, as well as comfort items for the child.,