Member Referral

Member: Custer Transfer Station

Below is a list of members we do business with and recommend...

Ag-Land ATV - Sheila Evans or Amanda Schweitzer

Beckenhauer Construction, Inc. - Erin Beckenhauer

Berggren Home Builders - Pat or Jeanne Berggren

Bow Family Furniture & Flooring - Ron & Cheri Chytka
Throw out your old stuff at Custer Transfer Station and buy some new stuff at Bow Family!!

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites - Katie Blaser

K & K Backhoe - Ken Myers
This guy knows what he is doing... Call Ken today!!

Lyne's Appliance - Brent Kirkpatrick
Take your old appliances that don't work anymore to Custer Transfer Station and buy some new ones at Lyne's!!

Myers Construction Inc. - Jami Myers
If you like demolition, well... that’s what we do!
Buildings and houses, and excavation for you.

Myers Construction, locally owned since ‘64,
Construction and concrete, and so much more!

Meter pit and water main… Sewer pipe and storm drain,
We will install or replace, repair and maintain!

Myers Construction, for everything underground and up.
Call Perry or Chris and they’ll hook you up!

Call 8-7-2-5-4-6-9, let us know what it is you’ve got on your mind…
Need some crushed rock? We've got that in stock!

Myers Construction, just West of town. Give us a call, we do it all!

Myers Iron Salvage / Myers Roll-Offs -
If you need to throw out a lot of trash or would like to get rid of some scrap iron, Myers Iron and Salvage / Myers Roll-Offs is the business for you! Call Susan @ 308-872-5469 today!

Opportunity Land Investments - Susan Porter

Reliable Earth Construction, LLC - Bill Myers

Straight Arrow Bison Ranch - Marty Bredthauer
Grass fed and good for you! Call Marty today!

Weathercraft Roofing - Weathercraft Roofing