June 22, 2021

QACC participates in Ribbon Cutting at Encore Memory Care

Stev Stegner Ambassador Membership Chair prints $1 of Clear Profit to Encore Representatives endorcing the support of the QACC in their success in our community. 

Member business from the QACC participating were Stev Stegner Consulting, True Service Plumbing, Main Street Marketers, Express Pro's, Press Publications-Hugo Citizen & Quad Press; Lino Lakes Toastmasters, Four Points Advisory, LLC.  

QACC ready for Live Events, Meet & Greet Community Leaders, Business Owners & Local Resources

Come Celebrate Our Freedom 
Thursday, July 8th
11:30 to 1 PM

If you would like to host or sponsor this event
Register Here

Further events are being planned for each month.  If you have a topic you would like considered or to sponsor an event, please sign up on the registration link above. 

QACC BOD approves revisions to Lunch & Learn Policy

  • To provide the guidelines to planning, conducting & evaluation of noon Chamber Networking events.
  1. The Ambassador/Membership Chair shall be responsible for assigning Ambassador to work with Exec director for checking in attendees & name tags for events. 
  2. The Executive Director or Ambassador is responsible for scheduling, communicating & confirming the speaker.  They are also responsible for hosting the speaker/trainer.  They prepare the agenda and conduct the meeting.
  3. Any business may serve as a host for the meeting.  Responsibilities to include determining menu, cater, set up & cleanup of lunch.  Checking for adequate supplies of condiments, napkins, water, & flatware.  A budget is provided.
  4. Lunch is optional for attendees.
  5. Attendee Fees 
Speaker/Trainer-no charge
Meeting Host/Sponsor- No charge
Member - $10 market as the event, comes with a free meal.
Nonmember - $15 - Guest pay the nonmember price. Unless the are registered under a member and then it is the members discretion as to whether payment is indicated or not.
  • Lunch & learns shall be posted on syndicated calendar & Chamber Calendar (90 days in advance) Invites go out 15 days in advance, reminder to those signed up 1 day in advance.  Online payment only in advance.


QACC Member Reps for New & Current Members Assigned

Left to right top row - Gari Feldman, Hampton Inn -  Hospitality Sector
Michelle Koch, Mainstreet Marketers, Centerville & Lexington Small Business
Stev Stegner - all small businesses, Jim Rathburn - Nonprofits and Corporate Business
Dorothy Radermacher - all sectors, community connections 

Member Reps are here to support you and your business.   Reach out to them, they are your mentor and if they don't have the resources they know where to find them for you. 

We are a team in the Quad Area!

QACC Chamber Website - Your Online Resource for all things local

  • See and Submit Local Classifieds under QACC News Free
  • See Chamber Sponsored Events on the QACC Calendar (this was restored as we go back to in person events)
  • Our Schools  -  Links to their Careers & Trades and Community Education Webpages  or Watch their graduation ceremonies. 
  • Faith and Spiritual is under construction 
  • Nonprofits & Civic groups has a drop down box to your website
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it takes you to our ONLINE MAIN STREET

Search is on for the 2021 Candidates & Sponsors

Do you know a deserving young lady who would like an opportunity like this?
Would you like to support the WONDERFUL work this nonprofit does in our Community?

Opportunities are:
  • Attend an event they sponsor, 
  • Contribute to the scholarship fund for the royalty when they complete their reign in August of 2022. 
  • Sponsor a candidate in the 2021/2022 program.  Just $250 will support a candidate in the program and give your company visibility. 
  • Food/grocery/restaurant donations for candidate activities and coronation day. 
They are also in need of help for float maintenance.  Repairs to decorations and a new structure to attach the cover to the float.  

If you are interested reach out to the group by email to:  linolakesambassador@gmail.com


Centerville Fete des Lacs Event Welcomes You to their Community!

Weekly Update - June 22, 2021