Search Tags: Managing contracts and consultants providing services to the City;, Serve as legislative advisor to the City Council;, Review proposed operating budgets and recommend a proposed City budget to the City Council for approval;, Attend and participate in Council meetings and numerous other committee or board meetings and public hearings, advising and providing necessary information;, Coordinate preparation of agendas and agenda packets;, Review and prepare written reports and recommendations for City Council and various boards and committees;, Meet and confer with various citizen groups or individual citizens as well as with City employees;, Develop productivity improvement and cost savings programs;, Review and interpret City policies, procedures and codes and recommend improvements and adjustments to the City Council;, Performs liaison activities to other local, State and Federal agencies and organizations;, Receives and answers or responds to complaints or inquiries from community and outside organizations;, Performs a variety of related activities, such as field inspections and review of ongoing City development projects;, Maintains official ordinance and minute books;, Serves as custodian of the City Seal and City records.,